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The main problems faced by industrial boilers
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The main problems faced by industrial boilers

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With the rapid development of society and economy, industrial boiler equipment is used in many industrial production processes, especially when generating electricity and supplying gas.It plays an important role in large power plants and fertilizer plants. It can be used for steam vaporization and use coal as raw material to make fertilizers.It mainly burns briquettes. In the process of using industrial boilers, the union produces a lot of waste gas and heat. Our country is also the country that produces and uses the most.So, do you know what are the main problems faced by industrial boilers?

The main problems faced by industrial boilers

There are still many main problems faced by industrial boilers in our country. Now more and more industrial production processes, the boiler industry is facing huge competitive pressure.Mainly, modern enterprises advocate reform and innovation, especially in the continuous improvement of production technology. Especially after our country joined the WTO, many foreign enterprises will join our country, resulting in the continuous increase of domestic manufacturers of foreign boilers and pressure vessels. This also puts a lot of pressure on our country's industrial boiler companies.
In addition, you will find that the raw coal consumed by industrial boilers accounts for about 13% of the total annual output, the exhaust gas CO2 emitted exceeds 600 million tons, and other exhaust gas emissions will have a great impact on the environment.Therefore, industrial boiler equipment in many large and small enterprises must continue to reform and innovate, pay attention to energy conservation and consumption reduction and reduce exhaust gas emissions, and must be disposed of and discharged into the outdoors, especially in many urban areas, gas, geothermal and electric boilers will be actively rebuilt .
You should have a clear understanding of the main problems faced by industrial boilers, right?First of all, the competition among domestic industrial boiler companies is fierce, and the price of raw materials for making boilers is also rising, especially the prices of auxiliary machines that are matched with them have also increased, all of which have added cost pressure to boiler plants.

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