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The high-quality welding results of the SFG-250/9.81-MS type high-pressure steam drum in the heavy steam drum workshop are encouraging
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The high-quality welding results of the SFG-250/9.81-MS type high-pressure steam drum in the heavy steam drum workshop are encouraging

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Sweat to show strength  
Heavy steam drum workshop SFG-250/9.81-MS type high pressure steam drum
Impressive results from high-quality welding

Finished high pressure steam drum
      In the past few days, in the fiery atmosphere of the production department rushing production and ensuring delivery, the heavy steam drum workshop mainly undertakes the manufacture of two 250T/H boiler bodies in Xinjiang Hesheng Power Plant, which is advancing in an orderly manner.Under the unified deployment of the company, according to its technical, quality and operational difficulty requirements, process, quality control and other full cooperation, the production department concentrates resources such as advantageous equipment and welders, carefully organizes, and works overtime to catch up, SFG-250/9.81-MS type high pressure Drum welding has achieved a gratifying result that the pass rate of one-time flaw detection reaches 95%.It is understood that this result is also more prominent in the manufacture of similar products in the industry, which is proud and exciting!

On-site communication
      In this regard, the main leaders of the company gave full affirmation and high evaluation respectively.The production department is required to sum up experience in a timely manner, praise the advanced, carry forward the achievements, and make persistent efforts.Over the past few days, it has become the common goal of the company to take advantage of the momentum and to complete the continuous production and delivery in one go.

Debugging of Saddle Type Submerged Arc Automatic Welding Machine
       The project is special, and it is hard to fight.In the high-quality welding of the high-pressure steam drum this time, there have emerged in the production line a fighting group who dares to fight and win, and a welding backbone who is not fatigued, and who operates meticulously.According to the introduction by Minister Yan of the Production Department, the main situation is as follows.

Pre-welding operation plan consultation
Workshop: Heavy Drum Workshop
Director: Ma Shiqing, Shi Zhenyu, Squad
: welding)

out of the oven
2. Large and small saddle welding machines (used for welding of saddle-shaped pipe joints such as centralized descending pipes and air pipes)

Two high-pressure steam drums are welded at the same time
Difficulties of work:
       1. For welding longitudinal and circumferential welds, the first welding material is P355GH with a thickness of 100mm.Each ring seam needs to be welded for about 24 hours. Two groups of personnel work in turn, and the equipment does not stop.In summer, the room temperature is about 35°C on average, and it is still under high temperature welding (preheating temperature before welding is 100°C to 280°C).After welding, the qualified rate of double-hundred non-destructive testing (UT, RT) is ≥95%.Welders: Wei Shouqing, Yan Guan, Yin Honghao, Yan Ting, etc.

 Careful operation
      2. The size of the welding concentrated descending pipe is 429mm in diameter and 75mm in thickness.The preheating temperature before welding is 100°C to 280°C, and the assembly gap error is 2mm, which requires high precision.Welders: Yan Guan, Yin Honghao, Yan Ting, Wang Shiyan, Sun Zhongqing, Qi Liang, etc.
      Experience is valuable, keep trying.The achievement of high-quality welding results for the high-pressure steam drum of the 250T/H boiler this time reflects the company's comprehensive strength, group synergy and overall standardized operation level in large-scale boiler manufacturing.It has accumulated valuable experience and achievements for subsequent production and management.It mainly embodies the highlights of three aspects:
      First, strict process and standardized operation.The process management department has formulated a scientific and detailed process plan in a timely manner based on the actual product of the project, which has laid a foundation for standardized operation and effective cooperation; the quality inspection department attaches great importance to the whole process of tracking, measurement and verification, and plays an important role in guaranteeing; the production department strictly In accordance with the process operation, meticulous, serious and responsible for the quality of the operation, reflecting the nail spirit of being loyal to the norm and striving for perfection.
      The second is rational organization and efficient connection.Since the implementation of this project, all related departments from technical process, manufacturing to quality inspection have been based on their functions, strengthened cooperation, concentrated resources such as process, welding, inspection advantages, divided labor and cooperated, and advanced in an orderly manner. Through scientific and standardized processes, timely and effective Cohesion, facilitates and ensures ideal welding results.
      The third is to demonstrate the craftsman spirit of employees who are dedicated to their jobs and strive for perfection.With a highly responsible working attitude, the production department gathers excellent welders in a timely manner, sets up a project tackling team, tries every means to build a group consensus on striving for high-quality products, and does everything possible to stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees.Under the leadership of the first "Tongshan Craftsman" Comrade Ma Shiqing and the cooperation of Comrade Shi Zhenyu, the heavy-duty steam drum workshop pays attention to the actual requirements of welding operations, gives full play to the technical leading role of the backbone welders, and is not afraid of high temperature, fatigue and other difficulties. Welding to ensure quality, there have emerged outstanding staff comrades such as Wei Shouqing, Yan Guan, Yin Honghao, Yan Ting, Sun Baoshan, etc., which better reflect and promote the "craftsman spirit", and improve the overall quality of the production line staff. Played a positive leadership and demonstration role.
      All employees of the company should take this as a driving force and make persistent efforts to vigorously promote the "artisan spirit" of love and dedication, and excellence in the current production and operation surprise work of order grabbing, production rush, delivery time, and payment collection. , to further carry forward the fighting spirit of daring to be responsible and to be the first, and make due efforts and contributions to the early realization of the annual general target plan with their outstanding work performance.

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