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The employees of the company are full of joy "eat the sheep"
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The employees of the company are full of joy "eat the sheep"

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       Fresh and tender mutton, red and spicy pepper oil, and green coriander are specially cooked, with good color, fragrance, and mouth-watering taste.Today at noon, when the annual Xuzhou traditional Fuyang Festival is approaching, in the company restaurant, the routine welfare for many years-all staff is free "Eat Fuyang" as scheduled.Employees in the company have one vote per hand, and eat according to the portion.Everyone sat around to taste and feast.Chufu hot sweat, coupled with the hot sheep soup, the scene is hot, and it is really fun.

    The chairman, general manager, executive vice president and other company executives of the factory will spend this festival together with "Eating Fuyang". Enterprise production and operation season.

    It is understood that Futian eats mutton, which coincides with harmony between man and nature". the simple and healthy concept of " Eating mutton in Futian heats the body with heat, perspiration and detoxification, and expelling the poison and moisture of winter and spring.


    Influenced by Fuyang culture , Shanghai , Jiangsu , Shandong , Anhui , Ningxia , Hubei , Zhejiang and other places also have the custom of Fuyang Festival.taste the Han and Han Dynasties and Yao and Shun cultures of the to commemorate Pengzu .The basic theme of Fuyang Festival is to

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