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The company's "three standard system" certification successfully passed the second annual audit
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The company's "three standard system" certification successfully passed the second annual audit

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     10On the two days of the month 5, 6day and day, three certification experts from the expert group of Beijing Zhongda Huayuan Certification Center came to our company to " three standard " management system, thus continuing to maintain this certification qualification.pass the annual audit of the certification body for the

    Since the company 2014obtained the quality management system standard ( 12ISO9001 ), environmental management system standard ( ISO14001 ), safety management and occupational health system standard ( OHSAS18001 ) integrated certification, cherish the achievements, not arrogant or impetuous, and constantly consolidate and strengthen its own standards Work, guide practice in accordance with the concepts and requirements of the standardized management system, and promote management improvement.In particular, a closed management system has been gradually formed in the acceptance of customer complaints, handling of potential safety hazards, and equipment and facility management.
    According to the rules of enterprise standardization management system certification work, " three standards " management system adopts a strict audit method of " annual audit, re-certification every three years " , so that the suitability and effectiveness of system operation are obtained. Assure.This audit is the second annual joint audit after our company obtained the evidence.Beijing Zhongda Huayuan Certification Center sent an expert group headed by Wei Jun to conduct the second annual audit of our company's quality, environment, safety management and occupational health systems.Due to the in-depth and solid implementation of the standard, the expert group 2016affirmed the company's annual internal audit, management review and goal completion inspections. This audit did not issue " non-conformance items " , and the company successfully passed this year's audit.At the same time, the expert group also put forward valuable suggestions on the internal management work.

    Passing the annual audit this time marks the continuation of our company's " three standard " management system certification qualification, which is also the greatest affirmation of the implementation of the standard in the past two years.In the next step, the company will take this annual audit opinion as the driving force, draw inferences from one case to another, further consolidate and make good use of the results of the " three standard " system certification, better promote its own management progress, provide better services for the majority of users, and also serve A solid foundation will be laid for the renewal of the certificate next year. 

      " Three standard " system refers to the quality management system standard ( formulated by the international standard organization ISO9001 ), the environmental management system standard ( ISO14001 ), the safety management and occupational health system standard ( OHSAS18001 ) .Obtaining relevant standard certification can help companies prove to stakeholders their management and control capabilities in terms of quality, environment, health and safety, and enhance their competitiveness and social image.Through the implementation of this work, it will also help enterprises to improve their management level, improve economic and social benefits, and continue to reduce risks.


   "Three standard" The process of establishing and certifying the system is also a process of innovation in management concepts, complete system specifications, and improved behavior.The company started the work at the end of the 2013year 3.After the orderly development of a large amount of basic work in the establishment of the system, continuous self-cultivation, improvement and improvement in the implementation of the standard and trial operation, it finally took one and a half years of hard work, 2014the month and year. 12and completed all the work from the establishment of the system to the certification in Successfully obtained "three standard" certification.

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