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The company's production quality management management and technical backbone personnel business tests were carried out smoothly
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The company's production quality management management and technical backbone personnel business tests were carried out smoothly

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Production Quality Control Officer and Technician Exam

    At the beginning of the new year, on the 1month and day, the company organized all the management personnel and technical backbone personnel of the production department and the quality control department 30afternoon of the 37production department of the boiler company and the office building of the engineering company . 3to conduct 2a half-hour management and business technical knowledge in the multi-functional room of the take an exam.Zhang Eying, executive deputy general manager of the company, Deng Yizhong, deputy general manager of quality management, and Zhang Houxing, deputy general manager of production management, inspected the examination room and answered questions.

     The ministers of production and quality inspection took the lead in taking the exam.The whole exam starts at 2noon and ends at half past midnight, with a 4, reference, and roll-up rate 100% test-taking .The examination room was strictly disciplined, invigilated and in good order. All the reference staff showed a good overall quality, which became a beautiful scene for the Group Boiler Company to start the new year.

The Group Boiler Company attaches great importance to the organization and development of this business technology test.

Zhang Eying, executive deputy general manager of the boiler company, said: This test is based on the need for continuous optimization and improvement of the large-scale product structure of the boiler company in the new year. The purpose of promoting manufacturing and quality management personnel and technicians to continuously learn standards, practically master standards, and proficiently use standards is the initiative, and promote the improvement of management performance. In the content setting of test questions, the relevant common and professional standards are comprehensively cross-proposed, and focus on The practical application characteristics of its standards highlight the standardized grasp and operational practice of management processes and technological processes.

This exam also aims to test the level of practical knowledge of business technology or management mastered by personnel in each position, and guide everyone to always pay attention to the study of business and technical knowledge, constantly enrich themselves, strengthen team building for the new year, optimize and build a knowledge-based , The compound management team provides reference and basis.

After the completion of the examination paper, there will be a special commentary at the right time.Separately organize reference personnel, and combine with the actual work of each post to conduct counseling training on the knowledge of standards, specifications, processes, processes and production management involved in the test questions, so as to effectively promote everyone's understanding of the relevant business.

The test takers have expressed positive opinions and suggestions for this test paper test.

Production Minister Yan Haizhou said that it is a good move and necessary to regularly organize tests for management and technical personnel.People have inertia, and the severity varies.Especially at the moment when the boiler company's product large-scale strategy is deeply implemented, there are many opportunities in the new year, and the pressure is not small. The production and manufacturing management and technical personnel cannot afford to pay the same price. They must keep pace with the times, strengthen business learning, and strive to improve their corresponding Management level, skills, and striving to be an expert must continue to refuel and recharge.

He also suggested that similar exams, the content of the exams can be further refined in the future, and organized every six months to become institutionalized and normalized.

Xu Wenming, head of the quality management department, said that this test method is very good. Although everyone is under pressure, they all responded positively and agreed that it is conducive to the improvement of personal professional quality, the implementation of job functions, and the quality assurance of the company's products.

He suggested that business examinations should be regular and uninterrupted, which is conducive to the improvement and strengthening of the internal competition incentive mechanism. It is recommended to set up the examination questions to be specific to the post, accurate testing, and difficulty corresponding, which will further stimulate everyone's sense of participation, competition awareness and personal Improve the awareness of comprehensive quality, and jointly build a quality management team with excellent business and responsibility to protect the soil, so as to better serve the company's strategic decision-making and implementation of major projects and products in the new year.


    Friends, what did you read from the first exam of the new year from the Production and Quality Control Department?

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