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The company's practical business internal training helps the sales team "Golden Monkey" downtown
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The company's practical business internal training helps the sales team "Golden Monkey" downtown

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 Positive attitude   increases knowledge and   skills

  The company's practical business internal training helps the sales team "Golden Monkey" downtown

The picture shows a corner of the training session

    The monkey dances the golden rod, and the people are diligent and early in the spring.Based on the early measures, early deployment, and early implementation of the annual work, the class will start after the 2Lunar , Sun, and 14Monkey Festival. According to the plan, the company has intensively launched the 2internal training of all sales staff for consecutive days.All staff of the sales head office, material supply department, and some staff of the finance department and human resources department participated in the training and learning.The company's chairman, general manager, deputy general manager in charge, legal counsel and some R&D backbones of the Environmental Technology Research Institute gave lectures and guidance respectively.

              Grasp the new sales policy, when the hero is based on performance  

    As we all know, performance, including sales performance, depends on three factors: employee's work attitude, business knowledge, and job skills (skills).Especially under the pressure of this year's macroeconomic situation, if the sales staff have been effectively improved in these three aspects, it is possible to greatly improve the performance of their work. This is exactly the purpose of the company's primary training for sales staff over the years.Based on this, in this training, General Manager Ye firstly 2016carried out a key publicity and summary interpretation of the company's sales policies and systems for the year. There are rush and sweetness.On this basis, Mr. Ye proposed to further strengthen the combat awareness of the sales team in the new year, requiring each business person to further correct their work and learning attitude, based on in-depth study, continuous improvement, competition performance, better profit, and strive to be moral The sales pacesetter of Jishuangxin.

The picture shows Chairman Duan making an important speech at the training meeting

    Chairman Duan mainly put forward three work opinions.He first emphasized the company's emphasis and support in three aspects: sales policy, executive support and hardware support in the new year.Secondly, it is emphasized that in the new year, the company will be exposed to the large-capacity, large-tonnage, and high-parameter product situation in the industry market. The company will further promote the strategic decision-making of large-scale general contracting projects. The sales team should further focus on the center, strengthen unity, and strengthen learning and other aspects technical and knowledge-based construction requirements.He asked all sales staff to take the initiative to adapt to the company's new sales model change, and sales managers to focus on an inclusive mentality and have selfless credibility.Adhere to the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, handle all aspects of the relationship well, unite forces, and form a fist.All sales staff must effectively strengthen the wolf-like thinking, pay attention to breaking the traditional stereotype of individual heroism, and replace it with wolf tactics to fight the annihilation of large corps.Whether it is business personnel or sales management personnel, they must focus on removing vanity, have the courage to put down their stature, learn from the advanced, seek advice from experience, be good at cross-branch horizontal collaboration, and twist into a single rope to ensure the concentrated attack and smooth landing of major projects.The third is to pressurize and forge ahead, step by step, strengthen the awareness of quantitative nodes of sales tasks, and further improve the statistical model of sales tasks.The sales office and the finance department are required to join hands, and from the beginning of 2016the year 1, the progress of sales tasks will be announced monthly, verified month by month, and confirmed in time, so as to promote the timing synchronization of task implementation and ensure the fairness and impartiality of task settlement and ranking.

The picture shows Director Peng, the legal counsel, giving a lecture on the spot

Enhance legal awareness and focus on preventing contract risks

A market economy is an economy ruled by law.Under the new economic situation, how to prevent the risks of supply and sales contracts in sales work and effectively enhance the legal awareness and legal common sense of business personnel is very important.To this end, in this training, the company's perennial legal counsel, Peng Fucheng, chief lawyer, listed the 21 articles, and focused on the conclusion of the contract, the performance of the contract, the modification and cancellation of the contract, the custody of the contract, and the limitation of action.Based on classic cases, he gave specific guidance on relevant regulatory requirements, hidden risks, responsibilities, rights and obligations, and prevention points, and put forward constructive suggestions, which benefited all the trainees.

The picture shows Deputy General Manager Liu giving a lecture at the training meeting

Continuous business learning, based on sales, strong muscles and bones

The technicalization of sales personnel is the company's established strategy for human resources management.This training aims to further improve the business knowledge level of sales staff, build a technical and knowledgeable sales team, Mr. Liu, who is in charge of sales, and the technical backbone of the company's Environmental Engineering Research Institute are arranged to give lectures on circulating fluidized bed, high-efficiency Face-to-face lectures and counseling were given on pulverized coal stove products and business-related negotiation points, which gave everyone a concentrated charge in striving to be professional in business, strengthening team bones, and increasing practical skills.


The picture shows that the company's sales staff and others gathered and the vehicles were full

In the year of the monkey, the macroeconomic situation is ups and downs; opportunities and challenges coexist in the industry product market, and the competition is fierce.The company's three-dimensional training is hoped that all employees of the sales company will further recognize the situation, closely focus on the company's annual goals, carry forward the golden monkey spirit, and gather more correct working attitudes, continuously enriched professional knowledge, and continuously enhanced business. The ability is a "stick", bravely jumping into the big market of large-scale boiler products, dancing the golden stick, making a bright future in the busy market, and making their respective contributions to speeding up the realization of the company's overall sales target in the new year.

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