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The company's new membrane wall automatic welding production line was put into installation
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The company's new membrane wall automatic welding production line was put into installation

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    This morning, another new membrane wall automatic welding production line invested by our company was officially installed in the serpentine tube membrane wall workshop of the production department.Three technicians from Beijing Zhongdian Huaqiang and 2one employee who assisted in the installation of our company are sweating profusely and are working intensively.According to the introduction of CLP Huaqiang technicians at the installation site, the entire installation process is scheduled to take about 10one working day, and it will take about one working day to complete the commissioning and production 15.From today onwards, the installers will work overtime until the evening every day 9, try their best to catch up with the construction period, and strive to complete the installation and commissioning as soon as possible and put it into normal operation to relieve the current production capacity pressure.

    Acting early, advancing quickly, rushing the construction period, ensuring quality, and striving to put into production as soon as possible to achieve effective results are the established goals of the company's new film wall automatic welding production line project in this period.

    The company attaches great importance to it, formulates and follows up to improve the project implementation plan in a timely manner, has clear goals, assigns responsibilities to people, and follows the daily amount of chemical production and promotes it around the clock.In order to ensure that the installers have no worries, the company has made special arrangements for logistical support such as accommodation, transportation, heatstroke prevention and cooling.


    With due diligence and dedication, let us take practical actions to welcome the early completion and commissioning of this production line!

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