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The company's mid-year sales work summary meeting cheers to promote win-win
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The company's mid-year sales work summary meeting cheers to promote win-win

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    On the morning of July 8, the sales elites of the boiler company gathered together to participate in the mid-year marketing work summary meeting held at the company headquarters.Chairman Duan Xuqiang, General Manager Ye Feng, Vice President of Sales Liu Wenzhi, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Jiang Hong and Vice President and Assistant to General Manager Li Xuelin attended the meeting.General Manager Ye presided over the meeting.The meeting comprehensively summarized and affirmed the company's sales performance in the first half of the year, and made further reports, adjustments and deployments on the situation outlook, sales goals, system improvement, work plans, and major measures for the second half of the year. The meeting also put forward opinions on the improvement of the overall quality of sales personnel and requirements.

    During the meeting, General Manager Ye first informed the improvement and adjustment of the sales system.He emphasized that considering the active and passive relationship, some adjustments, based on the new changes in the macroeconomic situation and the company's new requirements for accelerating development, based on the company's new optimization of leading products and new plans for production capacity enhancement, etc.

Vice President Liu Wenzhi briefed the progress of the completion of the planned tasks of the sales branches in the first half of the year.Among them, Sales Company 1 took the lead. So far, the number of orders received has basically completed the decomposition task ahead of schedule, followed by Sales Company 3, with obvious leading advantages.Mr. Liu also shared the experience and lessons in the sales work with everyone, and put forward opinions and suggestions accordingly; he put forward requirements for teamwork, learning and reference, information feedback and quality improvement of the sales business.

    Vice President Li Xuelin, who also serves as the assistant to the general manager and assists the sales management, made a brief speech.

    Finally, Chairman Duan made an important speech.He made an incisive analysis of the company's sales in the first half of the year.Based on positive achievements, seeing deficiencies, focusing on development, and making persistent efforts, Chairman Duan focused on the overall development of the company, briefly analyzed and reported the internal and external situation of the company, and emphasized the proposed annual goals and important work plans.Taking this opportunity, I put forward ardent expectations and main requirements for the sales team, technical research and development team, production and manufacturing team and general management team.He encouraged everyone to seize and make good use of the new opportunities for sales support that the company's technology research and development strength has continued to increase, skillfully borrow and use the company's brand and superior resources, look at the big market, start big projects, strengthen learning, be good at summarizing, and use local The sales agent is the starting point, vigorously develops, consolidates and enhances the potential of the regional market, continuously improves and innovates the performance, and everyone strives to be a multi-win expert who can serve the company, serve customers, and improve self-comprehensive income.

    It is time for the good wind to   set sail with its strength.In the new situation of the company's scale increase and momentum, this mid-year sales summary meeting's purpose of sincere unity and unity has always been implemented in the hearts of every salesperson, and the sales meeting filled with a strong atmosphere of learning, pragmatism and striving for the first place was a success. Finish.The staff of the nine major sales branches are full of confidence and face new challenges. 

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