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The company's creation of "customer satisfaction service" activities is well received
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The company's creation of "customer satisfaction service" activities is well received

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        On January 10, a two-person evaluation team composed of Vice President of Jiangsu Light Industry Association, Researcher-level Senior Engineer Wei Hua and Director Li of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, accompanied by Xuzhou Economic and Information Commission and relevant responsible persons of Tongshan District , Come to our company to inspect and review the creation of "Customer Satisfaction Service" activities.Ye Feng, general manager of the company, and Xie Chuanyu, director of the Political Research Office, received and reported the work.
        At about 1 pm, after listening to the company's general manager Ye's work report on the creation activities, the evaluation team came to the boiler, container production workshop, after-sales service department, etc., and listened to the report while walking, inspected, reviewed and scored on site.The review team has unanimously praised the "Bangren" after-sales service system established by our company as a special equipment manufacturing industry, and fully affirmed the establishment and standardized implementation of the after-sales service system, and customer feedback and suggestions.Through on-site inspection and review of relevant software and hardware management work, the evaluation team unanimously affirmed our company's establishment practices and achievements.At the same time, I hope that our company will take this creation event as an opportunity and take the industry benchmarking comparison as the direction to enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses, improve and improve, and promote the standardization, standardization, normalization and branding of customer satisfaction services.It is recommended to contact social professional consulting and evaluation agencies in a timely manner to evaluate the user satisfaction of the enterprise, further promote the improvement of the user satisfaction of the enterprise, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the business activities of the enterprise.
        The activity of creating "customer satisfaction service" in Jiangsu Province is to implement the State Council's "Quality Development Outline (2011-2020)" and "The Provincial Government's Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of a Strong Quality Province". It was jointly organized by the Enterprise Bureau, the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the Jiangsu Provincial Women's Federation.There are two companies in the city, our company and VV Group.After the evaluation is over, awards will be selected.(office)

The picture shows the venue of the on-site audit meeting. The

picture shows the general manager of the company Ye Feng reporting the creation activities.

The picture shows the members of the evaluation team. The

picture shows the file review. The

picture shows the on-site


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