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The company's annual mobilization meeting stimulates the management and technical team "engine" new power
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The company's annual mobilization meeting stimulates the management and technical team "engine" new power

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      Promote team spirit   and focus on enterprise development

The company's annual mobilization meeting stimulates the management and technical teams

"Engine" new power

      Rooster Sichen, smells the chicken and dances. 2 On 10 the eve of the Lantern Festival in the lunar calendar, the curtain of the mobilization meeting for the opening of the new year work series of Sifang Boiler is gradually closing.On the morning of the same day, a mobilization meeting for the opening of the year, attended by the company's management and technical team, was grandly held.At the meeting, focusing on enterprise development, management and technical team building, combined with 2017 the requirements of the annual work plan, General Manager Ye Feng, Executive Deputy General Manager Zhang Eying, and Deputy General Manager Li Xuelin successively made work arrangements, and Chairman Duan Xuqiang made an important speech.

        The company's management team and technical team, as the "engine" of enterprise construction and development, will shoulder the heavy responsibility of enterprise construction and development in the new year.

       The door is open, and the sales are booming.General Manager Ye first reported the projects since the beginning of the spring .1.7good news of sales of more than 100 million yuan of He said that this good start is unprecedented.At the same time, Mr. Ye pointed out that large orders and large projects are accompanied by great pressure and high risks.It is required that all management and technical staff of the company must fully understand, perform their respective duties and perform their duties with all their might.It is necessary to conscientiously sum up experience, learn lessons, focus on prevention, take safeguard measures, and implement plan execution, quality management, cost control, on-site early warning and rapid response throughout the entire process of project performance to ensure the smooth implementation of each project plan.

      To love an enterprise is to love oneself, and make concerted efforts to create a community of shared future where people and enterprises are one.Combined with sales companies and branches, Mr. Ye emphasized that everything should obey and serve the overall situation that is conducive to the sustainable and rapid development of the company.9the optimized combination, business subdivision, and location adjustment of the All members of the company should cherish the opportunity, build a good platform, and jointly seek the shared results of "the factory is prosperous, and the tide is rising" with their fruitful work.

      Emphasize the responsibility of defending the soil.Zhang Eying, the executive deputy general manager, briefly put forward the main work requirements.He fully affirmed the 2016correct decision and positive results of the large-scale development ideas and strategies of products such as the annual product structure adjustment.He said that 2017the planning and positioning of the annual sales target is encouraging.Facing the good start of the new year, all management and technical personnel of the company are required to cherish the opportunity, be based on reality, and maintain a clear understanding.Facing the reality of large project volume, more concentrated delivery time, and more complex process, all employees of the enterprise, especially the senior management team members, must further strengthen their sense of responsibility, and do their own work within the scope of responsibility, mainly by ensuring the planned work. The scientific nature of the plan, and the seriousness of the implementation plan should be strengthened. Actively participate in the battle of the large corps, fully coordinate, improve in a timely manner, respond quickly, and implement it well.

      According to the requirements of enterprise management and development in the new year, Li Xuelin, the deputy general manager in charge of quality work, briefly informed the 2017 new orientation, new ideas and new measures of the annual quality management work.While strengthening the sorting out, standardizing and learning of the quality assurance system documents, the operation of the quality assurance system will be further smoothed; in light of the actual situation, in accordance with laws and regulations, more attention will be paid to quality problems and related losses caused by them, so as to better promote the overall Quality level, strive to ensure and serve the overall annual goals of the enterprise.

       In the final stage of the conference, Chairman Duan Xuqiang made an important speech on the two aspects of enterprise development and team spirit construction.

     Chairman Duan pointed out that in the new year, my country's overall economic situation has stabilized and improved.The development of "Quartet", under the guidance of the new development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" proposed by General Secretary Xi, established "innovation, energy saving, environmental protection, sharing" idea.

      Combining Sifang boiler products from scratch, from small to large, from the initial vertical "cannonball" furnace to today's bulk boilers and system projects, Duan Dong explained the process and meaning of innovation; working together to fight haze, Promoting the adjustment of energy structure, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the country's essential policy and public opinion; sharing the results of the country's reform and opening up, the results of economic development, and the results of enterprise development is the personal experience of every "Quarter".Among them, the annual increase in the number of cars owned by the company's employees is an obvious sign.

        At present, the construction and development of Sifang Boiler has started a second venture, leaping to a new level and entering the fast lane.Among them, large-scale circulating fluidized bed pulverized coal boiler products are already in the middle and upper ranks of the industry, and a single contract project with a total amount of 10 million yuan has become the norm.

Duan Dong said, high-level competition, stronger opponents, greater pressure, more intense, but the development will be faster.Sifang Boiler should take the first echelon of "Huaguang" industry as an example, and actively deepen cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other institutes and universities. High-quality service, accelerate the realization of new breakthroughs and new upgrades.

To strengthen team awareness and improve spirit, it is necessary to further create a rapid response mechanism and responsibility pattern with short-term sales and flat management.Based on development and improvement, and facing problems and difficulties, Chairman Duan briefly proposed market competition, management responsibility, technical backbone training, engineering management specifications, production quality control and strength level improvement, sales team building, and strengthening profitability awareness and profitability. Strive to ensure the safety of production and other seven aspects of problems and work requirements.Combining with the actual work in recent years, he listed personnel and analyzed them one by one; encouraged and spurred, and planned and guided.All the participants concentrated on the transformation of management functions, strengthened the sense of responsibility, improved the ideas and concepts, strengthened the weak links, strived for practical results, and improved the overall quality.

 Team spirit is a powerful driving force for an enterprise to overcome all difficulties.Duan Dong said, "Sifang" boiler, the senior management team members are from Sifang, and their sources are different at different levels and departments.To integrate into the development of the Quartet, we must always keep the overall situation of the enterprise in mind.On non-principled issues in day-to-day work, the overall awareness, collaborative spirit and service spirit of each member of the team are crucial.In Sifang Boiler, regardless of work or life, it is our common responsibility and priority to get along with sincerity, lead a good team, and cultivate subordinates with an inclusive mentality and a tolerant heart.

 Duan Dong said that through the joint efforts of everyone, the construction and development of Sifang Boiler has progressed in 20recent years .The second time to start a business, the mission is glorious, and the pressure is even greater.The old generation "Sifang" is about to retire, and the new batch of "Sifang" has unlimited space and a bright future.Comparing the three elements of ability, daring to take responsibility, and maintaining integrity, every management and technical personnel must position themselves and avoid weaknesses.Old comrades should always reflect their excellent qualities, be good role models, promote positive energy, and consciously inherit the team spirit of dedication and love for their jobs; new comrades should earnestly strengthen their sense of responsibility and responsibility, strengthen their learning and experience, and base themselves on the development goals of compound talents. In this work, we timely establish and continuously improve our own goal positioning, better serve the development of the enterprise, reflect our own value, and promote the realization of the common goal of common prosperity and sharing.

 The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and the development of enterprises should be self-improvement.Chairman Duan hopes that in the historical opportunity of the second entrepreneurship of Sifang Boiler, the two generations of "Sifang" have a duty to make persistent efforts and forge ahead.Taking domestic advanced peers as an example, the company is and will further increase investment, accelerate the construction process, promote production capacity enhancement, and improve comprehensive environmental conditions.While enhancing the hard power of technology, sales, production, engineering management, etc., continue to improve the soft environment of green and environmentally friendly garden-style enterprises, and strive to enter the top 10ranks of the national boiler industry as soon as possible, so as to better reward all employees of the enterprise and help the economy and society. develop.           



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