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The company's "Real Execution" special training sharing session was a complete success
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The company's "Real Execution" special training sharing session was a complete success

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        At 2:00 pm on April 4th, the activity room on the third floor of the Sifang Engineering Company Building in China Resources Industrial Park of Sifang Holdings was full of people. More than 100 staff representatives from the company's management, technical research institute and sales company gathered together to participate in the upcoming event. "Real Implementation" special training sharing session.The general manager of the company and lecturer Meng Haiqi hosted the sharing event, and the company's chairman Duan Xuqiang participated in the event.
        As the follow-up and in-depth training of the "Real Execution" special training, the main purpose of this sharing activity is to test and consolidate the learning and execution effect of the first training, so as to promote the continuous improvement of the team's execution ability.This activity is rich in content and entertaining in terms of program design.In order to enhance its fun and motivation, 6 teams were formed on the spot for PK.After the start of the warm-up dance, the host announced the PK rules, followed by the team morale display PK, the course content quiz PK, the group sharing of all members and the selection of outstanding team members, the outstanding members of each group to share PK, and the judges to score.After a rather intense comprehensive project PK, the representative team led by Director Zong Peitang of the boiler company's delivery workshop won and became the champion team of the sharing event on that day.Chairman Duan made a concluding speech, presented awards, and took a group photo with the winning team.The captain of Zong Pei Tang delivered an enthusiastic "champion" acceptance speech.At about 5:40 p.m., the host made a concluding remark, and this sharing session was a complete success.(office)

The picture shows Chairman Duan giving a concluding speech at the sharing meeting The

picture shows the group photo of Chairman Duan and the winning team members The picture

shows Meng Haichao of the Convergence Training Company giving a lecture on "Real Execution" The scene

picture shows the winning team's on-site momentum

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