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The company held "positioning and innovation - the key to enterprise transformation" theme report
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The company held "positioning and innovation - the key to enterprise transformation" theme report

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     Throughout the day on December 17th, Sifang Holding Group held a special report on "Corporate Positioning and Innovation - The Key to Enterprise Transformation" at the headquarters of the group company, inviting the Deputy Director of the Chinese Business Research Center of Fudan University, Deputy Director of Fudan University's Enterprise Research Institute, Bo Shi. Special "Three Creation" education founder, practical economist Professor Xu Weimin gave a lecture.More than 200 people from the management, technology and sales teams of Sifang Boiler Company and Sifang Building Materials City Management Company from Sifang Holding Group listened to the report. Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the group company, made the opening and concluding speech of the report.

    In recent years, affected by the international financial situation, my country's economy has continued to face increasing downward pressure, insufficient effective demand, and accelerated structural adjustment. There have been constant calls for enterprise transformation and upgrading.Sifang Boiler, the core enterprise of Sifang Holding Group, which is the core enterprise of Sifang Holding Group, which is taking the road of large-scale boiler product research and development, production and sales, is looking for opportunities to make breakthroughs, how should the transformation be turned?How to cross over?What is the essence of the problem the company is currently facing?Professor Xu pointed out that the real problem of many enterprises lies in their own low-level homogeneity, coupled with the simple volume model, and finally formed the current output value is increasing and profits are getting thinner and thinner.Sifang Boiler insists on promoting the enterprise through science and technology and innovation and development, and has achieved rapid development speed and industry achievements, which is commendable.Under the pressure of the current economic situation, how can "Quartet" enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses, innovate and improve, so as to get rid of the troubles of traditional competition models and maintain a healthy and rapid development momentum?In this report, Xu Weimin made a new interpretation on how to achieve precise positioning and continuous innovation in the current and next development of the company based on the characteristics of Sifang Boiler's entrepreneurship and innovation. 
    In the lecture, Professor Xu Weimin, with his unique professional theoretical level and precise research and analysis of the market, analyzed the deep-seated contradictions and problems commonly faced by the current enterprises with detailed cases, and put forward the way out for the future and the current development of the enterprise. Top priority.It is proposed to replace the homogeneous positioning with precise differentiated positioning, and find the "Fengshui treasure land" which is distinctive and can enhance the strengths and avoid weaknesses of the enterprise through the three-ring positioning, so as to enhance the bargaining and profitability of the enterprise.It puts forward the prescription that enterprises can save themselves and remain invincible in the competition only by positioning and innovating.It has strong guidance, pertinence and inspiration, and has strong pertinence and guidance for Sifang Boiler to improve business decisions, optimize product structure and adjust marketing models.
    In the afternoon, Professor Xu Weimin also conducted in-depth discussions with key personnel in sales, production, technology, engineering services, etc. who participated in the report, and answered questions and provided advice on the confusion, difficulties and hot issues encountered in the current enterprise development.
    Chairman Duan Xuqiang made a concluding speech before the end of the report.He pointed out that this seminar was held during the critical period of deepening reform, transformation and innovative development within Sifang Holdings. The main purpose was to ask professors to take the pulse, give prescriptions, guide and assist the backbone team of the enterprise, and further understand the internal and external problems faced by the enterprise. New situation, new opportunities, new challenges, unified thinking, firm confidence, based on the current, looking to the future; we must accurately position, step by step, through reform, adjustment and innovation, on the basis of doing a good job of existing mature and optimal products, integrate superior resources , to implement a new round of product structure adjustment and management upgrades.Professor Xu came to "Sifang", fully affirmed the entrepreneurship and innovation process of "Sifang" 16 years of development, and gave valuable opinions and suggestions on the current and future development plans.He hoped that everyone will cherish this report meeting, consider the actual situation of their own work, look at the overall development of the group, grasp the theme of innovation, actively do a good job in self-positioning, further digest and absorb its essence, organize discussions and exchanges in a timely manner, and contribute to the development of the company. Power, gift.(Suguo News)
The picture shows Chairman Duan's speech at Professor Xu Weimin's innovation theme report
The picture shows Professor Xu Weimin giving a lecture on innovation
The picture shows a corner of the conference venue of Professor Xu Weimin's innovation theme report

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