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The company held a semi-annual enterprise management work summary, deployment and mobilization meeting
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The company held a semi-annual enterprise management work summary, deployment and mobilization meeting

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/ The picture shows Chairman Duan making an important speech

The picture shows the speech of General Manager Ye

    On the morning of August 1, the Group Boiler Company held a work summary for the first half of the year and a work deployment and mobilization meeting for the second half of the year in the multi-functional room on the third floor of the production department and engineering company building.In addition to business trip personnel, more than 50 management personnel of the boiler company attended the meeting. The company's chairman Duan Xuqiang, general manager Ye Feng, executive deputy general manager Zhang Eying, and deputy general managers Jiang Hong, Zhang Houxing, Deng Yizhong and Liu Wenzhi attended the meeting.Chairman Duan presided over the meeting and made an important speech.

    The main topics of the meeting: briefly review the main work in the first half of the year, guide the company's management team, based on the actual situation of the company, summarize experience and deficiencies, further recognize the situation, unify thinking, deploy and measure the main work in the second half of the year, strengthen management responsibility, and refine management The plan was adjusted and implemented, united and led all employees of the company to actively participate in the new production and operation pattern, and promoted the steady implementation of the goals and tasks of the overall plan for the year.

General Manager Ye spoke first.On the basis of briefly summarizing the work of the boiler company in the first half of the year, he put forward opinions and requirements from three aspects to all the management personnel attending the meeting on the current and second half of the work.He emphasized that all managers must first have overall awareness and awareness of future development.

    First, in terms of development vision, we cannot rest on our laurels and stick to existing achievements and advantages.It is necessary to jump out of the region, look at the national and even the international market, and effectively enhance the crisis awareness of the fierce competition in industries, occupations and positions, and set an example, set an example, and stand alone in product transformation and upgrading, technology research and development, market expansion, job responsibility awareness, and management work. Play a due role in team driving and other aspects.

The second is to consciously abandon bad habits, especially for empiricism to dialectically choose, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.For traditional daily work affairs, it is not advisable to do everything by hand; for the implementation of new system rules, it is necessary to pay attention to the whole process from arrangement, process supervision and follow-up, result acceptance to experience summarization, comparison and improvement.

    The third is to focus on improving efficiency.In terms of meeting efficiency, overtime efficiency, management efficiency, etc., we must lead by example, make overall arrangements, and be pragmatic and effective.He hoped that all managers should be based on their own positions, enhance their strengths and avoid weaknesses, pay attention to self-improvement, and use their respective management performance to feed back and help the company improve, so as to ensure that they will not fall behind on the road of sustainable and rapid development of the company and be a pioneer.

    Chairman Duan made an important speech.

    After a brief analysis of the internal and external economic situation of the enterprise, he fully affirmed the effectiveness of the boiler company's decision-making on product structure optimization and adjustment in response to changes in the macroeconomic situation and national environmental protection policy adjustments.It pointed out the new situation, new pattern, new changes and new requirements of the company's important measures such as adjustment of sales policy, introduction of senior management talents, increased investment in research and development, training and strengthening of production management personnel, and optimization of management institutions this year.

    While briefing the current and next basic ideas of production and operation, Chairman Duan proposed to the technical department and engineering company for the development of pulverized coal furnace products, focusing on the whole process control from design source, production and manufacturing, quality management to after-sales service. Main opinions and requirements on systems and ontology, benefits and risks, etc.

    He pointed out that the technical department and engineering department should be based on the source, grasp the process, and ensure the results.It is necessary to further increase the market development of semi-contracting and general contracting projects, on-site safety standard management, delivery time, quality and satisfaction rate assurance, standardize subcontracting, improve after-sales service and other complete management efforts, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive project management level of engineering companies. For the company's large-scale, large-scale projects, and more revenue-generating business strategy services.

    The human resources to the department is based on the needs of enterprise development to further strengthen personnel management, team building, distribution of labor and remuneration, and the need to practice the "Labor Law" under the new situation.To play the role of management functions, in personnel management and team building, we must pay attention to recruiting, retaining, using properly, and managing well, and make due efforts for the accumulation of corporate culture and the cohesion and strengthening of core competitiveness .

    Enrich the production management force, and strengthen the scientific, standardized and refined management of the production plan management.With the adjustment and improvement of the product structure, the company's production and operation pattern has gradually entered a new normal.The task is heavy, the pressure is high, and the requirements are strict. The production management must break the stereotyped thinking, jump out of the old routine, and actively respond with new thinking and new ways.It is necessary to make overall arrangements, pay attention to the full coverage of production management, and transform from traditional extensive management to refined management.Responsibility, refinement, and implementation are in place in all aspects of production process, working hour quota, production plan, reasonable labor, efficiency improvement, delivery guarantee, on-site management, and corporate culture, and work together to promote and ensure on-time delivery rates, Quality pass rate and customer satisfaction rate.

    For the construction of the new management team, Chairman Duan mainly put forward two requirements:

    1. Unify thoughts and contribute to the Quartet.

    All along, "I will do my best for the construction and development of the Quartet. I will try to make the enterprise bigger and stronger from a higher level".On August 13, 1998, the predecessor of Sifang Boiler was established by forensics. From more than 10 people at the beginning to more than 500 people now, the company has gone through 18 years.From nothing, from small to large, the process is hard, and it is really not easy.Since then, "to be the industry leader, to be a century-old enterprise" has become our goal and pursuit.Under this guidance, the company has abandoned family management from the beginning to the present, focusing on professional management, selecting the best, selecting talents, and selecting talents in team building and personnel selection, fully trusting, standardizing and delegating power, letting go of management, and doing everything possible to create a talent for everyone. , A platform that reflects value, unity and dedication, feedback and helps the development of the Quartet.

    Business is like life, 20 years of generation.Today's "Sifang", has receded from the fluff, entered the youth, is in the good years of high spirits.With the development of the enterprise, our management team will inevitably face the problems of age structure, renewing the old and accepting the new, keeping pace with the times, and echelon construction.In "Sifang", regardless of work or life, we must pay attention to promoting traditional culture, respect the old and love the young; young workers must respect teachers and respect the elderly, teachers must impart experience selflessly, do a good job in teaching, helping, and leading, and strive to be both moral and technical Xin, a good example of selfless dedication.It is necessary to explore and establish a corresponding management and guarantee mechanism to ensure the healthy development of the management team and corporate culture, relieve everyone's worries, and make everyone agree with "Sifang", contribute "Sifang", and benefit from "Sifang".

    Second, integrity, unity, responsibility, righteousness.

    Character, ability and responsibility are the three elements to measure the comprehensive quality of every manager.Integrity is the foundation of being a person, unity is the guarantee of an officer, responsibility is the embodiment of responsibility, and righteousness is the atmosphere that affects the success or failure of a career.The quality of the work of the department depends on the comprehensive ability of the main person in charge; the performance of the management position depends on the implementation and responsibility of the person in charge.To strengthen unity, we must be open-minded, learn to appreciate each other, and reflect understanding and respect; in work communication and cooperation, we must pay more attention to the advantages of each other, learn from each other's strengths, and avoid weaknesses; when dealing with functional responsibilities, we must take into account the overall situation, dare to take responsibility, and have the courage to hold ourselves accountable, rather than being a prisoner. , shirk responsibility, and live up to trust and entrustment.

    The new business situation and new management pattern have brought new opportunities and challenges.One month has passed in the second half of the year, and I cannot afford to miss this opportunity.Chairman Duan hopes that all the management personnel of the company will be based on their respective positions, actively adjust their thinking, and with a new working attitude, dare to manage well, implement finely, and work together to promote the implementation of the plans of various projects in progress, so as to make contributions to the smooth realization of the overall goal of the year. new greater contribution.(office)


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