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The company held a large-scale theme training event of "Real Execution"
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The company held a large-scale theme training event of "Real Execution"

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        On the morning of January 9th, the company invited Mr. Meng Haiqi, the general manager of Xuzhou Branch of Huihui Investment Co., Ltd. and a gold-medal lecturer of Huihui Investment Co., Ltd., to hold a "real" conference in the conference center on the third floor of the west side of the comprehensive building of China Resources Industrial Park, the headquarters of our company. Large-scale training and teaching activities on the theme of "The Implementation".Nearly 200 people including the company's chairman, general manager and other senior executives, all management personnel, technical personnel, and sales personnel attended the event.
       "Real Execution" is a new product of training and education carefully created by the Convergence Training and Education Group Company.On the same day, Meng Haiqi, a gold medal lecturer, was full of emotion and eloquent, and from the five aspects of responsibility thinking, achievement thinking, wolf thinking, high standard and strict management philosophy, and gratitude mentality, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, he explained what is "Real Execution" , How to implement the "real implementation".The more than 2 hours of training and lectures took the form of lectures, broadcast materials, question-and-answer interactions, on-site experience exchanges, and post-training answer sheets. The content was rich, the forms were colorful, thought-provoking and benefited a lot.It provides a new impetus for the improvement of the overall execution of the company's management, sales and technical backbone teams in the new year.(office)

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