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The company held a ceremony of apprenticeship and apprenticeship to start the new worker training model
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The company held a ceremony of apprenticeship and apprenticeship to start the new worker training model

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"It is now announced that the master Li Qiumei and his apprentice Wang Meng, the master Qi Zhongkai and his apprentice Hou Bo, the master Yao Huanle and his apprentice Chen Yadong signed the "Master-Apprentice Training Agreement" with each other", "Master, please be worshipped and drink tea...  ." 8At about 1310:00 11a.m., the atmosphere in the meeting room of the company's environmental engineering design and research institute was solemn and warm. It was presided over by the director of the company's human resources department, and was witnessed by the leaders of the center, such as general manager Ren, deputy general engineer Qi, and deputy general engineer Gao. The three newly recruited designers of the institute recognized the three section chiefs as their teachers respectively, and held a simple signing ceremony for the pairing of master and apprentice.

At the signing ceremony, in accordance with the requirements of the company's "Master-Apprentice Pair Training Management Measures (Interim)", Minister Ren also out the respective responsibilities of the master apprentice read and the .Sincere statements, warm applause and ardently hopeful speeches made the signing scene full of strong mentoring and professional dedication.


According to the arrangement, after this signing ceremony, according to the actual needs of the departments, the production line teams, the on-site inspection of the quality inspection department and other departments suitable for pairing training of masters and apprentices will be implemented in an orderly manner and followed up.The Human Resources Department will supervise, assess, and honor the rewards according to the training procedures and training reward methods.


It is a precious traditional culture of the Chinese nation to learn art from a teacher and to respect the teacher and love the apprentice. The new era and the new mission have given new connotations.At present, our company preferentially inherits and develops this transfer culture, which is to further establish and improve the company's employee training mechanism, increase the training of young technical talents, accelerate the rapid growth of new talents in various technical positions, and improve transfer, help, and leadership. It is a wise move to inherit and develop its excellent work literacy, valuable technical experience and good work style.

Three people, there must be my teacher.Today's "Master-Apprentice Signing Ceremony" is the company's matchmaking, and it is undoubtedly a good platform to further build a clearer goal and a more convenient path.Learning from the advanced, asking for advice from experience, and working hard to higher standards are not only the mission of every new employee, but also the responsibility of every "master-type" employee.


Both teachers and friends, to improve together.Take today's ceremony as a starting point, focus on results, and ensure goals.Combine the characteristics of their respective positions, practice the agreement with practical actions as soon as possible, and put into work.To cherish the origin of colleagues, the relationship between master and apprentice, respect teachers and love apprentices, and improve together, is an urgent requirement for team building for the rapid development of enterprises.Therefore, the master should lead by example, teach by words and deeds, carefully teach the apprentices business skills, knowledge and experience, help the apprentice to establish a good work style, so that he can quickly improve his work level and integrate into the enterprise as soon as possible; Have the courage to explore; learn from the master humbly, actively cooperate with the master's work, strive to master the basic theoretical knowledge and practical operation level, and strive to become a qualified technical talent of the company as soon as possible, and jointly become the first batch of master-apprentice cooperation and the benchmark for year-on-year dedication.(office)

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