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The company has become a demonstration enterprise of special equipment manufacturing in Xuzhou
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The company has become a demonstration enterprise of special equipment manufacturing in Xuzhou

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        A few days ago, Vice President Xu of Jiangsu Special Equipment Safety Supervision and Inspection Research Institute and his party came to our company in the rain to inspect and guide the work of special equipment manufacturing demonstration enterprises.Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the company, and Ye Feng, general manager of the company, received and reported their work.
        Vice President Xu went deep into the company's production workshop, inspection, physical and chemical laboratory, material warehouse, etc., while walking, he had a detailed understanding of the operation of the company's quality assurance system, on-site management, etc., and gave full affirmation and evaluation on the spot, and praised our company. It is worthy of being a model enterprise in Xuzhou special equipment manufacturing industry.At the provincial special inspection system work conference held later, Vice President Xu once again praised our company's demonstration work and achievements.
Since the beginning of the year, in order to promote the quality management of the city's special equipment manufacturing enterprises, through comprehensive evaluation, Xuzhou Special Inspection Branch has identified our company as the city's special equipment manufacturing enterprise management demonstration unit.Our company timely issued the working opinions on striving to create a demonstration enterprise.Under the follow-up and guidance of the leaders of the municipal court and experts, and under the promotion of inspection, the company has carried out a series of themed activities of on-site rectification and system strengthening.
        At present, in order to consolidate the demonstration results and ensure the normalized development of the demonstration work, the company is led by the general manager, and the deputy general manager and quality assurance engineer are specifically responsible for following up and improving the implementation plan for rectification and improvement. , regular inspections and assessments, to achieve clear rewards and punishments, and timely fulfillment, forming an atmosphere of abiding by standards, stressing norms, and establishing models throughout the enterprise, which effectively promotes the healthy and orderly development of production and operation activities.(Deng Yizhong and Luo Yu)

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