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The company grandly held the 2013 Spring Festival group meeting
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The company grandly held the 2013 Spring Festival group meeting

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        On the afternoon of February 2, the company grandly held the 2013 Spring Festival group meeting at Junling Manor.More than 200 company management personnel, technical personnel, sales personnel and registered and on-the-job employees with college degree or above participated in this Spring Festival group worship activity.Chairman of the company Duan Xuqiang and his wife Ms. Chen Shaoping, general manager Ye Feng and the company's deputy general managers and above attended the event and sat at the guest seat.Qin Pingyan, Secretary of China Special Equipment Testing Research Institute, Yao Jiayu, Deputy Director of Xuzhou Quality Inspection Bureau and other leaders and business friendly representatives visited the delegation and participated in the party.
        At about 4 pm, most of the participants took 3 buses or drove to the venue one after another.The conference hall of Junling Manor was full of brilliance, people dressed in festive costumes, greeted each other, and took their seats one after another.There is a stage of nearly 40 square meters in front of the hall. On the large background wall, the meticulously creative "Jiangsu Sifang Boiler 2013 Spring Festival Reunion Party" theme monogram picture is shining under the colorful stage lights.At about 4:30, the general manager of the company, Mr. Ye Feng, and the vice presidents of the company arrived at the venue one after another; then, the chairman of the company, Mr. Duan Xuqiang, and his wife, Ms. Chen Shaorong, came to the venue.At 4:50, the group meeting officially kicked off.The guests from the company's finance department Tan Yan and sales department Wu Kui made their debut.In the warm applause, Mr. Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the company, delivered a speech first.In his warm speech, he first extended festive congratulations and sincere greetings to all the company's staff, and praised the company's unity and hard work, facing difficulties, and the main construction and development achievements in the past year.Looking forward to the new year, Chairman Duan was full of pride and briefly outlined the grand blueprint for the company to continue to consolidate management, seize opportunities, give priority to both the main and auxiliary, and increase speed and efficiency. The audience burst into warm applause for many times.Immediately afterwards, at the invitation of the host, the company's executive representatives took the stage one by one and sent Spring Festival blessings and expressed their best wishes.After the group meeting entered the interactive party section, chairman Duan Xuqiang took the lead and sang affectionately, and the song "Mother" moved the audience.Immediately afterwards, general manager Ye Feng stood on the stage and sang "Waiting", which was heroic and energetic.In the literary and artistic programs and interactive activities launched later, in the festive atmosphere created by applause and flowers, everyone enjoyed the dance, solo, cross talk, chorus and recitation and other wonderful programs sent by various departments and rooms of the company and specially invited. , and three batches of awards were drawn out successively by the company's executive representatives, the company's main person in charge and the chairman and his wife, making the whole group visit climax one after another and converge into a sea of ​​joy.
        In the evening, the company held a banquet and entertained everyone. Everyone enjoyed the wine, said goodbye to the old and welcomed the new, and jointly wished the new year "Quartet" prosperity, innovation and brilliance!(office)

The picture shows Mr. Duan Xuqiang, chairman of Sifang Holdings, giving a speech at the Chinese New Year group meeting. The

picture shows Qin Pingyan, secretary of the China Special Procuratorate, who came to the group meeting and gave a cordial speech

and sang affectionately.The picture shows Ms. Chen Shaorong presenting flowers to the chairman of the company

The picture shows the company Ye Feng's strong song "Waiting" The

picture shows the third prize drawing scene The

picture shows the production department Li Lei and Chen Wei performing cross talk "I am an elegant person" The

picture shows the company chairman Duan Xuqiang and his wife Ms. Chen Shaorong to draw the first prize

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