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The National Energy Administration issued the guidance on energy work in 2018: actively develop new energy such as biomass energy
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The National Energy Administration issued the guidance on energy work in 2018: actively develop new energy such as biomass energy

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      2018This year is the first year of implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the anniversary of reform and opening up 40, and a crucial year for the decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and the implementation of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan".Doing a good job in energy work throughout the year is of great significance to promoting energy transformation and development in the new era, improving the quality and efficiency of energy development, enhancing the ability and level of energy security, and promoting sustainable economic and social development.



( 1 ) Guiding ideology

    Fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, adhere to the new development concept, follow the new strategic thinking of energy security, and follow the requirements of high-quality development. Promoting the supply-side structural reform as the main line, promoting the quality, efficiency and power changes of energy development, focusing on solving the problem of unbalanced and insufficient energy development, focusing on making up for shortcomings, strengthening the foundation, adjusting the structure, promoting reform, and benefiting people's livelihood, and strive to Build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system to provide a solid energy guarantee for economic and social development and people's better life.

( 2 ) Policy orientation

    Implement the requirements of "clean and low-carbon, safe and efficient" in all fields and the entire process of energy development, and strive to build a strong security guarantee system, a clean and low-carbon green industrial system, a technological innovation system that catches up and surpasses, and is fair An orderly market operation system, a scientific and precise governance and regulation system, a shared high-quality social service system, and an open and win-win international cooperation system will comprehensively promote the high-quality development of energy in the new era.

    Pay more attention to green and low-carbon development.Adhere to the green and low-carbon strategic direction, speed up the optimization of the energy structure, expand the clean energy industry, steadily promote the large-scale development of renewable energy, develop nuclear power safely and efficiently, promote the clean and efficient development and utilization of fossil energy, and improve the guarantee capability of natural gas supply.Adhere to the priority of conservation, vigorously promote the comprehensive cascade utilization of energy, advocate green and low-carbon production and lifestyle, and promote the formation of a new pattern of energy development in which humans and nature coexist in harmony.

    Pay more attention to improving the quality of the energy supply system.Adhere to quality first and efficiency first, deepen supply-side structural reform, vigorously eliminate ineffective supply, optimize the allocation of stock resources, and expand high-quality incremental supply.Give full play to the role of market-oriented measures such as quality, energy efficiency and environmental protection standards, coordinate and promote the elimination of excess capacity and the development of advanced production capacity, improve the effective supply capacity, and promote the dynamic balance of supply and demand.Efforts will be made to solve the problem of clean energy consumption and improve the quality and efficiency of renewable energy development.

    Greater focus on improving energy system efficiency.Focus on making up for weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses, strengthen the natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system and power system peaking capacity building, strengthen demand-side management, and enhance demand-side response capabilities.Optimize the layout of energy development, coordinate the development of various energy sources, promote the coordinated development of energy production, processing and transformation, transportation, storage, and consumption, strengthen the overall optimization of the energy system, and improve the coordination and overall efficiency of the energy system.

    Pay more attention to relying on innovation to drive development.Deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy, strengthen applied basic research, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and energy, and cultivate new growth points and form new kinetic energy.Deepen the reform of the energy system, accelerate the construction of the energy market system, improve the market supervision system, and strive to build an energy system with effective market mechanisms, dynamic micro-subjects, and moderate macro-control, and continuously enhance innovation and competitiveness.

    Pay more attention to safeguarding and improving people's livelihood.Adhere to the people's yearning for a better life as the goal of struggle, accelerate the construction of energy and livelihood guarantee projects, carry out in-depth poverty alleviation, improve the general service level of energy, and make the achievements of energy reform and development more and more fair to all people.In accordance with the new requirements of the construction of ecological civilization for energy development, efforts should be made to reduce the impact of energy production and consumption on the ecological environment, and to meet the growing needs of the people for a beautiful ecological environment.

    Pay more attention to open cooperation and win-win development.Following the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, focusing on the construction of the "Belt and Road", promote energy production capacity cooperation, strengthen infrastructure interconnection, build a new pattern of all-round and in-depth international energy cooperation, and realize energy security under open conditions. .Actively participate in the reform and construction of the global energy governance system, and contribute Chinese wisdom and strength.

    Pay more attention to deepening the practice of energy governance according to law.Improve the energy laws and regulations system, and further promote law-based administration.Give full play to the guaranteeing role of the energy rule of law, take governance according to law as the basic way to promote energy development and reform, and run through the entire process of energy strategic planning, policy and standard formulation, implementation, and supervision and management, and promote the modernization of energy governance systems and governance capabilities.

( 3 ) Main goals

- Energy consumption.

    The total national energy consumption is controlled at 45.5around 100 million tons of standard coal.The proportion of non-fossil energy consumption has increased to about 14.3% , the proportion of natural gas consumption has increased to about 7.5% , and the proportion of coal consumption has dropped to about 59% .

- Energy supply.

    The total national energy production 36.6is about 100 million tons of standard coal.The output of coal is about 100 37tons, the output of crude oil is 1.9about 100 million tons, and the output of natural gas is 1600about 100 million cubic meters 7.4million 2.

--energy efficiency.

    The energy consumption per unit of GDP decreased by more than 4% year-on-year .The average coal consumption of coal-fired power plants for power supply decreased by 1about grams year-on-year.


2. Accelerate the green development of energy and promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature

( 1 ) Expand the clean energy industry

    Coordinate and optimize the development and utilization of hydropower.Adhere to the priority of ecological protection, properly solve the problem of resettlement, promote the construction of hydropower bases on Jinsha River, Yalong River, Dadu River, and the upper reaches of the Yellow River in an orderly manner, and control the development of small and medium-sized hydropower.Accelerate the construction of leading reservoir power stations at the mouths of the Yalong River and the Shuangjiang Estuary of the Dadu River, actively promote the preliminary work of the Longpan Hydropower Complex Project in the middle reaches of the Jinsha River, and improve the regulation capacity of cascade hydropower stations in the basin.Improve the construction of a comprehensive monitoring platform for the river basin, and strengthen the comprehensive management of the hydroelectric basin.Focusing on Sichuan, Yunnan and surrounding provinces and regions, implement cross-basin and cross-regional overall planning and optimal scheduling and hydropower adjustment to effectively alleviate the problem of water abandonment.

    Steadily promote the development of nuclear power.Implement the "Nuclear Power Safety Management Improvement Year" special action requirements, further improve the nuclear power safety management level, ensure the safe and stable operation of nuclear power units in operation, and control the safety and quality of nuclear power projects under construction.On the basis of full demonstration and evaluation, a batch of advanced third-generation pressurized water reactor nuclear power projects in coastal areas have been started.Further improve the development and management system of nuclear power projects, and do a good job in the protection of nuclear power plant site resources.Continue to promote the solution to the problem of limited nuclear power generation in some regions, and promote more and more nuclear power generation.Continue to implement major nuclear power science and technology projects, build a sharing system for nuclear power technology and equipment test platforms, accelerate the establishment of major projects for small reactors, and actively promote comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy.

    Steady development of wind power and solar power generation.Strengthen the monitoring and early warning mechanism for wind power and photovoltaic power generation investment, control the scale of new construction in areas with severe wind and photovoltaic power generation, and ensure that wind power and photovoltaic power generation curtailment and curtailment rate achieve "double reduction".Build key wind power base projects in an orderly manner, and promote the construction of decentralized wind power, low wind speed wind power, and offshore wind power projects.Actively promote the construction of wind-parity grid-connected demonstration projects, and study and formulate a wind-parity grid-connected roadmap.Improve the market mechanism, continue to implement, optimize and improve the photovoltaic leader plan, and start the construction of photovoltaic power generation grid parity demonstration and demonstration platforms.Steadily promote the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects.

    Actively develop new energy sources such as biomass energy.According to local conditions, actively promote biomass energy and geothermal energy heating.Promote the energy utilization of urban and rural wastes such as urban domestic waste, rural forestry waste, and industrial organic waste water.Strengthen the operation of waste incineration power generation projects and monitoring of pollutant emissions, and regularly publish monitoring reports.Carry out the construction of waste incineration power generation leader demonstration projects to promote the clean and green development of waste incineration power generation.Organize and carry out marine energy investigation and research, and start the construction of demonstration projects in due course.

    Promoting natural gas utilization in an orderly manner.Promote the establishment of a natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system, accelerate the increase in domestic natural gas reserves and production, fully promote the interconnection of natural gas infrastructure, and improve the natural gas reserve peak regulation system.Orderly develop natural gas distributed energy and natural gas peak-shaving power stations.Focusing on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and the Northeast region, the "coal to gas" project will be promoted in accordance with the principles of overall planning, gradual progress, doing what you can, and taking gas to change.Steadily promote the development of natural gas vehicles and ships and the construction of gas filling ( note ) stations.Accelerate the promotion of natural gas price reform, promote direct transactions between natural gas users and gas sources, eliminate or reduce cross-subsidies on transmission and distribution prices and terminal gas prices for industrial users and civil users, reduce the cost of comprehensive natural gas use, and implement natural gas reception, storage and transportation facilities Fair and open.

( 2 ) Accelerate the clean and efficient development and utilization of traditional energy

    Promote the green and efficient development and utilization of coal.In the design, construction, and production of coal mines, environmental protection standards are strictly enforced, green mining technologies such as backfill mining, water conservation mining, and coal and gas co-mining are promoted according to local conditions, and coal washing and processing and mining area recycling economy are vigorously developed.Continue to arrange investment within the central budget to support the construction of coal mine safety reconstruction and major disaster management demonstration projects, and summarize and promote the technical achievements and management experience of major disaster management demonstration mines.Strengthen the quality supervision of commercial coal.Carry out industrial upgrading demonstration of coal deep processing, and further promote the demonstration of low-rank coal quality utilization technology demonstration.Vigorously promote the application of mature and advanced energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, accelerate the ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired power plants in the western region, and basically complete the ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired power plants with conditions in the central region, so as to promote the clean and efficient development of coal-fired power plants.

    Continue to promote the upgrading of oil product quality.Focus on Hebei and surrounding areas " 2+26 " cities.gasoline and diesel for vehicles, low-sulfur fuel for marine use, and general diesel with a national sulfur content of not more than 10ppm in the Beijing-Tianjin- ensuring the supply of Research and formulate guidelines for in-depth promotion of refined oil quality upgrades, and clarify the plan and timetable for the renovation of national VI standard oil refining units.Accelerate the elimination of outdated production capacity in the refining industry, improve the energy efficiency of refineries, and study and implement the energy efficiency leader plan for the refining industry.Formulate and implement the national biofuel ethanol industry layout plan, expand biofuel ethanol production, promote the use of ethanol gasoline for vehicles, and increase the proportion of non-fossil energy in transportation fuels.Improve the refined oil market supervision system, intensify special spot checks on oil product quality, strictly investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations in accordance with the law, create a market environment for fair competition, and ensure that oil product quality upgrades are effective.

( 3 ) Promote green energy consumption

    Vigorously promote the conservation and utilization of energy resources.Deeply implement the "dual control" of total energy consumption and intensity, promote key energy-consuming units to establish and improve energy management systems, increase energy conservation efforts and assessments, curb unreasonable energy consumption, implement "contract energy management", and lead the way in energy efficiency Promote the energy-saving technology and equipment, improve the efficiency of energy conversion and utilization, improve the energy measurement system, and promote the improvement of energy conservation and energy efficiency in the energy industry.Advocate a green lifestyle, reduce unreasonable energy consumption from the source, and make energy conservation a conscious action of the whole society.

    Improve the cleanliness of final energy consumption.Implement the reduction and substitution of coal terminal consumption, strictly control coal consumption in key air pollution prevention and control areas, increase the proportion of clean heating, actively and steadily implement the "coal to electricity""coal to gas" project, and improve the utilization rate of high-quality clean oil products .Actively carry out electric energy replacement, and promote the pilot projects of electric energy replacement in five cities including Changchun, Jilin, Siping, Baicheng and Songyuan.Unify the standards for electric vehicle charging facilities, optimize the construction and layout of electric vehicle charging facilities, and build an intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure system that is moderately advanced, accompanied by vehicle piles.Promote the use of shore power for ships in port, and fully start the replacement of electric energy in the field of water transportation.


3. Deepen supply-side structural reform and improve energy supply quality and efficiency

( 1 ) Effectively resolve excess capacity

    Continue to promote the resolution of excess coal production capacity.Use market-based and legal-based methods to resolve excess coal production capacity.Take the disposal of "zombie enterprises" as an important starting point, speed up the exit of coal mines that violate laws and regulations, fail to meet standards and have high safety risks, continue to eliminate outdated production capacity, guide the orderly exit of coal mines such as long-term losses and insolvency, and appropriately improve coal mines in the southern region. Capacity exit criteria.Continue to develop high-quality production capacity in an orderly manner in accordance with the principle of reduction and replacement, force ineffective and low-quality production capacity to exit faster, increase the proportion of advanced coal production capacity, and give more play to the role of high-quality advanced production capacity in the northern region.Promote the merger and reorganization of coal mining enterprises and the integration of upstream and downstream industries of coal power, coal transportation, and coal chemical industry, and improve the ability to resist market risks.Strengthen the coordination of resolving excess coal production capacity and building advanced production capacity to achieve a dynamic balance between coal supply and demand and maintain price stability.

    Promote the resolution of excess capacity of coal power.Adhere to the simultaneous use of market-oriented means and government regulation, give full play to the role of the early warning mechanism for coal power planning and construction, strictly control the new scale, clean up and rectify illegal projects, continue to accelerate the elimination of outdated production capacity, and promote the transformation and upgrading of coal power and structural optimization.Establish and improve target decomposition and responsibility implementation mechanisms, and strengthen interim and ex post supervision and supervision and accountability.Strengthen the coordination of resolving excess capacity of coal power and guaranteeing power supply, and scientifically plan the scale, layout and construction sequence of power sources.Strengthen demand-side management, rationally arrange operation modes, effectively resolve regional and periodical tensions in power supply, ensure reliable power supply and safe and stable operation of the system, and achieve dynamic balance between power supply and demand.

( 2 ) Make up for the shortcomings of the energy system

    Focus on solving the problem of clean energy consumption.Conscientiously implement the "Implementation Plan for Solving the Problem of Abandoning Water, Wind, and Light", and expand the power consumption capacity of renewable energy through multiple channels.Improve the monitoring and evaluation system for renewable energy development and utilization targets, promote the implementation of the renewable energy power quota system, implement the renewable energy priority power generation system, promote the participation of renewable energy power in market-based transactions, establish renewable energy power consumption incentive mechanisms, and do a good job in The connection between renewable energy consumption and assessment policies such as energy conservation and emission reduction, and total energy consumption control.Optimize the development layout of renewable energy power, give priority to the development of distributed wind power and distributed photovoltaic power generation, and encourage the development and utilization of renewable energy nearby.Improve the inter-provincial and inter-regional renewable energy power dispatching technical support system, optimize the power grid dispatch operation, and improve the level of renewable energy power transmission.Strengthen the peak regulation capacity building of the power system, continue to implement the peak regulation flexibility transformation of coal-fired power units, accelerate the construction of leading reservoirs, pumped storage power stations, gas power stations and advanced energy storage technology demonstration projects, and promote the application of advanced energy storage technology.Do a good job in the selection planning and planning adjustment of pumped-storage power stations across the country.Issue guidelines on improving the power system's adjustment capacity, establish and improve ancillary service compensation ( market ) mechanisms, and effectively improve the power system's capacity for peak regulation and clean energy consumption.

    Strengthen the emergency response capability of oil and gas reserves.Accelerate the construction of the national oil reserve project, advance the preliminary work of the third phase of the national oil reserve base project, intensify efforts to promote the national reserve crude oil purchase and storage, and continue to do a good job in the release of national oil inventory data.Increase the construction of gas storage and peak shaving facilities, establish a multi-level natural gas storage system, support local governments and enterprises to jointly build gas storage service facilities, and study and formulate fundamental measures to resolve the contradiction between peaks and valleys in natural gas consumption during winter and summer. The "Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Gas Storage Facilities and Improving the Market Mechanism of Gas Storage Peak-Shaving Auxiliary Services" was issued to form a long-term mechanism to solve the problem of gas storage peak-shaving through the market.

( 3 ) Consolidate the foundation of energy supply

    Improve oil and gas supply security capabilities.Adhere to both "revitalizing the existing reserves and accelerating the discovery and utilization of new reserves", strengthen the exploration and development of conventional oil and gas resources, and ensure that oil production is basically stable and natural gas production increases rapidly.Increase the exploration and development of shale gas, coalbed methane, and deep-water oil and natural gas resources.Research and improve support policies for shale gas, coalbed methane, depleted old oil and gas fields, coal-to-liquids, and coal-to-gas.Focus on supporting the exploration and development of deep shale gas resources, improve shale gas safety, environmental protection, technology and other relevant standards, and promote the development of shale gas industrialization.Strengthen the comprehensive prevention and control of coal mine gas, promote the large-scale development and utilization of coalbed methane ( coal mine gas ) , and accelerate the construction of coalbed methane industrialization bases in the Qinshui Basin in Shanxi, the eastern margin of the Ordos Basin, Bishuixing in Guizhou, and the southern margin of the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang.Make full use of overseas oil and gas resources, enhance the supply of overseas oil and gas resources, strengthen the coordination of major projects, and consolidate the construction of strategic oil and gas channels.

    Further improve the grid structure.Continue to optimize the layout and structure of the main grid, carry out in-depth demonstration of the national synchronous power grid pattern, study and implement the inter-provincial strengthening plan in Central China, strengthen the inter-provincial power grid mutual economic capacity in the region, promote the construction and transformation of the distribution network and the construction of the smart grid, and improve the operation of the power grid Efficiency and safety reliability.According to the implementation of the target market, speed up the construction of hydropower transmission channels in southwest China, steadily promote the construction of cross-provincial power transmission channels, and promote the preliminary work of power transmission channels in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other regions.

Accelerate the construction of oil and gas pipeline networks.Accelerate the construction of the main oil and gas pipeline network, regional branch pipeline network and gas distribution pipeline network, and improve the layout of LNG receiving stations and supporting external pipelines.Strengthen the interconnection and interoperability of the pipeline networks of CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC and other enterprises to achieve all the connections and connections that should be made.


4. In-depth implementation of the innovation-driven strategy to promote the transformation of energy development momentum

( 1 ) Accelerate the innovation of key technologies and equipment

    Accelerate the implementation of major special projects in energy science and technology, promote scientific and technological breakthroughs in the exploration and development of deep onshore, deep sea water and unconventional oil and gas, and further promote advanced coal-fired power generation, clean coal conversion, high-temperature gas-cooled reactors, and modular small reactors. Safe and advanced nuclear power, new energy sources , energy Internet, energy storage and energy conservation and other technologies for the construction of experimental demonstration projects.Promote the innovative development of energy equipment, implement the "Made in China 2025-Energy Equipment Implementation Plan", formulate a work plan for independent innovation of energy equipment, strengthen gas turbine technology research and test demonstrations, promote the localization of key gas turbine technology and equipment, and promote nuclear power, large-capacity flexible power transmission and other intelligent power grid, long-distance natural gas transmission, coal deep processing, LNG cold energy utilization, LNG multimodal transport and efficient storage of small LNG storage tanks.Development and demonstration applications of key equipment such as Further improve the energy technology innovation system, establish a collaborative innovation working mechanism, and optimize the management of the National Energy R&D Center.Strengthen the construction of energy technology standard system, focusing on nuclear power, large-scale renewable energy, clean fossil energy, and intelligent energy system, and implement a number of special projects for energy industry standardization.Focusing on refined energy management, new energy utilization, etc., strengthen the research and development of key energy measurement technologies and equipment, and improve the support capabilities and levels of key energy industries and industrial measurement technologies.

( 2 ) Deepening the implementation of energy system reform

    Deepen the reform of the power system.Continue to improve the medium and long-term power trading mechanism, further promote the construction of the power auxiliary service market, actively and steadily promote the pilot construction of the power spot market, standardize the trading behavior of the power market, speed up the reform of power distribution and sales, improve the supporting policies for the pilot reform of incremental power distribution business, and strengthen sales. Standardize and guide the electricity side market, increase the proportion of electricity market-oriented transactions, and further reduce the cost of energy use by enterprises.Focusing on the reform of the power system, promote comprehensive energy reform in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other regions.

    Accelerate the reform of the oil and gas system.Implement the "Several Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Deepening the Reform of the Petroleum and Natural Gas System", study and formulate relevant supporting policies and measures, promote the reform of the oil and gas pipeline network operation mechanism, straighten out the provincial pipeline network system, accelerate the promotion of fair and open oil and gas infrastructure, improve Investment and operation mechanism of oil and gas storage facilities.Promote comprehensive and special pilot projects for the reform of the oil and gas system in Sichuan, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hebei and other places.

( 3 ) Cultivate new kinetic energy for energy development

    Actively develop emerging energy industries, promote the development and growth of new models and new business forms of energy production and consumption, implement innovative actions such as artificial intelligence in energy systems and big data applications, and promote intelligent production, storage, transportation, and energy-using facilities.Solidly promote the construction of demonstration projects such as "Internet + " smart energy ( energy Internet ) , multi-energy complementary integration optimization, new energy microgrids, grid-connected microgrids, and energy storage technology pilot projects, and actively promote and apply them on the basis of pilot projects.


V. Intensify efforts to benefit the people and improve energy and people's well-being

( 1 ) Improve the universal service level of energy

    Strengthen the construction of urban and rural energy supply infrastructure such as power distribution network and gas pipeline network, ensure urban and rural residents' diversified energy needs such as electricity, heat, cooling, and gas, and improve urban and rural residents' energy consumption conditions.In accordance with the principle of "pipelines should be used for pipes, and tanks should be used for tanks", various methods such as pipeline gas and skid-mounted LNG CNG are comprehensively utilized to open up the "last mile" of natural gas utilization and improve natural gas accessibility.The study proposes policy measures to strengthen the universal service of electricity.

( 2 ) Promote the transformation and upgrading of rural power grids and energy poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas

    Focus on poverty-stricken areas, especially "three districts and three prefectures" deeply impoverished areas, as well as key counties of national poverty alleviation and development work, concentrated contiguous destitute areas and old revolutionary areas, and implement in-depth rural power grid transformation and upgrading projects.Focus on deeply impoverished areas, carry out in-depth poverty alleviation, do a good job in energy targeted poverty alleviation and counterpart support, implement the "Thirteenth Five-Year" photovoltaic poverty alleviation plan, strengthen the management of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, and ensure the stable and orderly development of photovoltaic poverty alleviation.

( 3 ) Solidly promote clean heating in winter in northern regions

    Implement the "Plan for Clean Heating in Winter in Northern Regions (2017 - 2021Year ) ", and improve supporting policies and measures."If gas is suitable for gas, if electricity is suitable for electricity", develop renewable energy heating, natural gas heating, electric heating, industrial waste heat heating, clean coal-fired central heating and other clean heating methods according to local conditions, strictly control scattered coal heating, and build green, An energy-saving, efficient, coordinated and applicable clean heating system in the northern region.Adhere to the dominant position of clean coal-fired central heating, gradually increase the area of ​​central heating, and replace low-efficiency small boilers.Accelerate the construction of county-level biomass cogeneration and biomass boiler clean heating projects to effectively reduce the consumption of scattered coal.Actively promote mid-deep geothermal heating.On the premise of implementing the gas source, natural gas heating will be promoted in a planned way.Fully consider the carrying capacity of the power grid and the arrangement of new power grid projects, and actively promote electric heating.In areas rich in wind power, the focus is on using surplus wind power for heating during the trough period.Actively study and promote the pilot work of nuclear energy heating in northern regions.

( 4 ) Accelerate the in-depth development of military-civilian integration in the energy field

    Formulate and implement energy construction plans in border areas, and speed up the construction of infrastructure such as power grids, oil and gas pipeline networks, and clean energy supply.Promote the construction of the power grid of the frontier defense forces, complete the first batch 226of tasks of electrifying the frontier posts, study and formulate the second batch of implementation plans for the power grid construction of the frontier defense forces, and effectively improve the power security capabilities of the troops and border residents in the border areas.Start the implementation of the power grid transformation and upgrading project of important facilities of the army.Promote the construction of a local area network integrating renewable energy between military and civilian in off-grid areas, and provide integrated thermal, electric and cooling energy services for off-grid areas such as islands and plateau outposts by means of new energy integration of energy storage and distribution networks.


6. Expand international energy cooperation to ensure national energy security

( 1 ) Promoting the construction of "One Belt, One Road"

    Consolidate the achievements of the "One Belt, One Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum, implement the "Vision and Actions for Promoting "One Belt One Road" Energy Cooperation, prepare to build an energy cooperation and exchange platform, operate an energy international cooperation information service platform, and promote the construction of an energy project library.Support relevant domestic regions to give full play to their comparative advantages and participate in "One Belt, One Road" energy cooperation.Give full play to the role of Shanghai International Energy Trading Center, Shanghai and Chongqing Oil and Gas Trading Center, and support Xinjiang to establish an international oil and gas trading center.

( 2 ) Strengthening the interconnection of energy infrastructure

    Strengthen the capacity building of energy resources security, and deepen energy resources cooperation with relevant countries.Strengthen the interconnection of energy infrastructure with neighboring countries, improve the four major oil and gas import channels in the northeast, northwest, southwest and offshore, maintain the safe and stable operation of cross-border oil and gas pipelines, actively implement the "Global Energy Internet" initiative, and promote the grid connection with neighboring countries. interconnected.

( 3 ) Deepening cooperation in technical equipment and production capacity

    Strengthen cooperation in areas such as energy planning, policy, technology, equipment, and standard services.Promoting the "going out" of the energy industry, deepening international energy cooperation in production capacity, and jointly developing third-party markets around energy transformation, technological innovation and major project cooperation.Create a model project of "Going Global" in the energy industry, and cultivate "Made in China""Created in China" international brand.

( 4 ) Actively participate in global energy governance

    Strengthen cooperation with international organizations such as the International Energy Forum, Renewable Energy Agency, International Energy Agency, and the Energy Charter, formulate more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced, and win-win rules, and improve the global energy governance system.Actively participate in energy cooperation under existing multilateral frameworks, including the United Nations, G20, APEC , BRICS, SCO, Lancang-Mekong Cooperation, Greater Mekong Subregion, China-ASEAN, ASEAN and China-Japan-Korea and East Asia Summit and other multilateral frameworks, and cooperate to build a green and low-carbon global energy governance pattern.Promote the establishment of "Global Energy Transformation Alliance".Continue to carry out the China-ASEAN clean energy capacity building plan and the construction of the China-Arab clean energy training center, give play to the role of the China-CEEC energy project dialogue and cooperation center, and launch the " 16+1 " joint research project on energy cooperation.


7. Strengthen the management of the energy industry and improve the governance level of the energy industry

( 1 ) Promoting the construction of the rule of law in energy

    A leading group for the construction of the rule of law in energy was established to coordinate major issues in the construction of the rule of law in energy.Actively promote the "Energy Law", "Electricity Law", "Renewable Energy Law", "Coal Law", "Oil and Gas Law", "Oil and Gas Pipeline Protection Law", "National Petroleum Reserve Regulations", "Offshore Oil and Gas Pipeline Protection Regulations" and "Nuclear Power Management Regulations" "The formulation and revision of laws and regulations such as "Energy Supervision Regulations", and improve the legal and regulatory system to meet the requirements of ecological civilization construction and energy transformation and reform.Clean up and abolish energy laws, regulations, rules and normative documents that hinder a unified market and fair competition, and strengthen the effective connection between energy reform and legislation.Strengthen the legality review and fair competition review of policy documents to ensure that the promulgated regulatory and normative documents are in harmony with relevant laws and regulations and the direction of reform.Improve the energy system law popularization working mechanism, innovate the energy law popularization method, and raise the awareness of the rule of law in the energy field.Strengthen the law-based administration of the energy industry, strictly regulate, impartially and civilly enforce the law, and do a good job in administrative reconsideration and administrative response in accordance with the law.Standardize the decision-making mechanism for major energy matters, improve decision-making procedures for matters such as the use of funds, administrative penalties, and qualification licensing, and further promote scientific, democratized, and legalized energy decision-making.

( 2 ) Strengthening the implementation of energy strategic planning

    Study and formulate 2050the annual energy development strategy outline, deepen the research on major topics in the energy field, and clarify 2020year, 2035year, and year.2050the phased goals and routes for important time nodes such as Strengthen energy statistical analysis and development situation research and judgment, promote the construction of energy big data platforms, and explore the establishment of planning and implementation information collection and sharing mechanisms.Organize and carry out the mid-term evaluation and adjustment of the implementation of the "Thirteenth Five-Year" energy plan, establish and improve the monitoring and evaluation mechanism for the implementation of the energy plan, comprehensively evaluate the implementation of the main objectives, key tasks, and major projects of the plan, and do a good job in the mid-term adjustment of the plan , improve relevant policies and measures, and promote the effective implementation of the plan.

( 3 ) Further deepening the reform of "delegating power, delegating power, managing services"

    Continue to cancel and decentralize administrative approval items, explore innovative energy investment project management methods, promote the implementation of the negative list management mechanism for energy investment projects, and promote the diversification of investment entities.Standardize pilot and demonstration projects and carry out special inspections.Innovate energy industry supervision, promote the implementation of energy planning, policies, standards and the implementation of simplified administration and decentralization, and ensure that energy project investment is standardized and orderly.Accelerate the construction of a credit system in the energy industry, and establish a mechanism for keeping promises and punishing dishonesty.Further optimize services, standardize administrative behavior, optimize handling procedures, promote the standardization of administrative licensing, continue to carry out "reduction of permits and convenience" actions, and accelerate the improvement of "Internet + government services".

( 4 ) Strengthening energy market supervision

    Adhere to legal supervision, precise supervision, and innovative supervision, strengthen supervision in key areas such as power dispatching transactions and market order, fairness and openness of oil and gas pipeline network facilities, and electricity price and cost, deepen power supply supervision, further implement the work plan for optimizing the power supply business environment, and improve the use of power by the masses. electrical satisfaction.Innovate supervision methods to achieve "double random, one open" supervision full coverage, with the help of modern scientific and technological means such as "Internet + ", big data, constantly enrich supervision methods, continue to improve supervision standard system, improve supervision coordination, validity and accuracy.Strictly investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations by market players, actively resolve conflicts and disputes in the energy market, and earnestly handle 12398hotline complaints and reports.

( 5 ) Strengthening the safety management of energy production and construction

    Implement the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Promoting the Reform and Development in the Field of Safe Production" and the "Implementation Opinions of the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration on Promoting the Reform and Development of the Field of Electric Power Safe Production", firmly establish the concept of safe development, and further straighten out the system and clarify Responsibilities, vigorously improve the overall level of energy safety production.Adhere to the problem orientation, grasp the positioning of supervision, consolidate the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, perform industry safety supervision responsibility according to law, and implement local safety production management responsibility.Comprehensively build a dual prevention mechanism for safety risk classification management and control and hidden danger investigation and management, to prevent systemic risks of large-scale power outages, resolutely curb serious casualties and accidents such as dam failure and dam collapse of hydropower stations, strengthen the protection of oil and gas pipelines, and comprehensively promote pipelines Integrity management.To achieve innovation in supervision means through technological progress and refined management, continue to increase supervision and law enforcement and accountability, continue to promote the construction of intrinsic safety, create a good safety culture atmosphere, and maintain a continuous and stable production safety situation.


8. Major energy projects

( 1 ) Non-fossil energy sustainable development project

    Hydro.Actively promote the construction of hydropower projects that have already started, and plan to increase the installed capacity of about 60010,000 kilowatts during the year.Solidly promote the approved construction of qualified projects, and plan to start construction of Jinsha River Rawa and other hydropower stations within the year.

    nuclear power.Actively promote the construction of nuclear power projects that have already started, and plan to build Sanmen 1, Haiyang 1, Taishan 1, Tianwan 3and Yangjiang units within the year, with a total of about 5new nuclear power installed capacity .60010,000 kilowatts of Actively promote the approved construction of qualified projects, and plan to start construction within the year 6to 81 unit.Solidly promote the preliminary demonstration work of a number of coastal nuclear power projects with mature site conditions and good public foundation.

    wind power.The construction of wind power projects will be steadily promoted. The scale of new construction will be approximately 250010,000 kilowatts and the newly installed capacity will be approximately 200010,000 kilowatts.Solidly promote the preliminary work of wind power projects in some regions, with a project scale of about 200010,000 kilowatts.Actively and steadily promote the construction of offshore wind power, explore and promote the construction of offshore wind power demonstration projects in the far-reaching seas of Shanghai, and accelerate the development of decentralized wind power.

    solar.Steadily promote the construction of photovoltaic power generation projects, and standardize and promote the development of distributed photovoltaic power generation.Promote the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects in an orderly manner, and plan to build demonstration projects such as CGN Delingha and Shouhang Energy Saving Dunhuang within the year, with an installed capacity of about 2010,000 kilowatts.

Biomass power generation.During the year, it is planned to build a biomass power generation capacity of about 15010,000 kilowatts.

( 2 ) Clean and Efficient Development and Utilization Project of Fossil Energy

    coal.Strictly implement the policy of reducing and replacing coal production capacity, actively develop advanced production capacity, and focus on large coal bases such as Shendong, northern Shaanxi, Huanglong, and Xinjiang, and orderly approve the construction of a number of large-scale modern coal mines.

coal power.The scale of coal-fired power production in the whole year was further reduced compared with the previous year, and about 2017of coal-fired power units with high pollution and high energy consumption were eliminated .40010,000 kilowatts Continue to further promote the ultra-low emission and energy-saving transformation and expansion of coal-fired power plants 2018, complete the ultra-low emission and energy-saving transformation of coal-fired power plants in the central region, and promote the ultra-low emission and energy-saving transformation of coal-fired power plants in the western region to promote clean coal power generation. Efficient development.

    Coal deep processing.Solidly promote the construction of demonstration projects that have already started, and plan to build a demonstration project for the clean utilization of high-sulfur coal in Shanxi Lu'an, petrochemical, electric and heating integration.The approved construction of the qualified projects will be promoted in an orderly manner, and the construction of the Yitai Yili 10,000- 100ton -per /-year coal-to-liquid demonstration project and the Beijing Enterprises Jingtai 40billion standard cubic meter /year coal-to-natural gas demonstration project will be started within the year.Do a good job in the preliminary work of the second and third production lines of the Shenhua direct coal liquefaction demonstration project and the first follow-up project of the future Yulin coal indirect liquefaction project in Shaanxi.

( 3 ) Electric power infrastructure construction projects

    Inter-provincial and inter-regional transmission channels.During the year, it is planned to build transmission channels such as Shanghai Temple in Inner Mongolia—Linyi in Shandong ± 8001000V UHVDC, Xinjiang Zhundong—East China and South Anhui ± 11001000V UHVDC, and increase the transmission capacity 2200by 10,000 kilowatts.Solidly promote the approved construction of qualified projects, and strive to start the construction of the Zhangbei Flexible DC Test Demonstration Project, Wudongde Power Transmission Guangdong Guangxi Flexible DC, Sichuan Hydropower Transmission Fourth DC and other transmission channels.Solidly promote the transmission and transmission channels of hydropower in Shaanxi, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Longbin, Baihetan, the upper reaches of Jinsha River, and the preliminary demonstration of the Fujian-Guangdong interconnection project.

    grid .Further strengthen the backbone of the power grid, and plan to add 500substation capacity of 1000 volts and above ( including the conversion capacity ) during the year.170 million kVA and 2.210,000 kilometers of transmission lines to the

( 4 ) Power system short board repair project

    Pumped storage power station.Actively promote the construction of projects that have already started, plan to build and put into operation Shenzhen, Guangdong, and Qiongzhong pumped storage power stations in Hainan within the year, and solidly promote the approved construction of qualified projects.

    energy storage.Actively promote the construction of projects that have already started, and plan to build Dalian 100MW/400MWh flow battery energy storage peak-shaving power station, Liaoning Suizhong Power Plant 24MW/12MWh thermal power unit combined frequency modulation energy storage, Dalian 30MW/120MWh grid-source friendly wind farm energy storage, Jiangsu Jintan compressed air energy storage and other projects.Research and advance 100MW compressed air energy storage power station and 100MW lithium-ion battery energy storage power station.the preliminary work of projects such as

( 5 ) Construction Project of Natural Gas Production, Supply, Storage and Marketing System

    natural gas production.Take multiple measures to stabilize and increase natural gas supply, make every effort to stabilize imported gas sources, optimize investment arrangements for domestic oil and gas companies, and speed up the pace of conventional and unconventional gas production.

    natural gas network.Promote the interconnection and interoperability of natural gas pipeline networks, break through the bottlenecks of reverse transmission and transfer and transportation such as "South gas going north", eliminate the bottleneck of incremental gas sources entering the network, and strengthen mutual supply and mutual protection between gas sources.Promoting pipeline networks such as PetroChina China-Myanmar Pipeline and Sinopec Guangxi LNG Terminal Gas Pipeline, Zhoushan LNG Pipeline and Zhejiang Pipeline, Dapeng LNG Pipeline and CNOOC Guangdong Pipeline, Shenzhen LNG and Dapeng LNG Pipeline Unicom.Accelerate the construction of the northern section of the Sino-Russian East Line, the E-Ancang Natural Gas Pipeline, the southern section of the Xinjiang Coal-to-Gas Pipeline, the middle section of the Third West-East Gas Pipeline and the Fujian-Guangdong Branch Line, Tianjin Floating Substitution Project, Shanghai LNG Storage Tank Expansion and Transmission Gas pipeline double line and reverse transportation terminals, Shenzhen, Zhoushan, Wenzhou, Zhangzhou LNG receiving stations, as well as Shanghai, Tangshan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang LNG receiving stations expansion projects.Promote the middle and southern sections of the Sino-Russian East Line, the second Sichuan-East Gas Transmission Line, the Qingdao-Nanjing Gas Pipeline, the Mengxi Coal-to-Gas Pipeline, the Tangshan LNG Receiving Station Emergency Peak Shaving Project and the Double Line of the External Pipeline, and the Jiangsu LNG Receiving Station The emergency peak shaving project, the double-tracking of the external pipeline, the Binhai LNG receiving station and other projects are progressing.

    Capacity building for gas storage and peak regulation.Establish a natural gas reserve system, implement the responsibilities and obligations of local people's governments at or above the county level, gas supply companies, urban gas companies, and uninterrupted large users for gas storage and peak regulation, and improve gas storage and peak regulation capabilities.Accelerate the expansion of the existing gas storage to reach the capacity.Accelerate the construction of the Wen gas storage and the gas storage in the Kejing 23of ​​the Xinjiang Oilfield , and 75area 2018have the gas injection conditions by the end of the year.

    natural gas supply.Establish and improve the natural gas demand-side management and peak shaving mechanism, reasonably reduce non-living gas during periods of tight gas supply, and give priority to guaranteeing gas for people's livelihood.Promote the signing of medium and long-term purchase and sales contracts between the gas suppliers and consumers to ensure the smooth operation of the natural gas market.

( 6 ) Energy Reform and Innovation Project

    Electric power system reform pilot.Vigorously promote the first 106and second batch 89of incremental power distribution business reform pilots, and start the third batch of incremental power distribution business reform pilots.Promote the construction of pilot electricity spot markets in southern ( starting with Guangdong ) , western Mongolia, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Shandong, Fujian, Sichuan, Gansu and other 8regions.Continue to promote the special pilot work of the electric auxiliary service market.Promoting the pilot work of market-based trading of distributed power generation in an orderly manner.

    Pilot oil and gas system reform.Promote comprehensive and special pilot projects for the reform of the oil and gas system in Sichuan, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hebei and other places.

New energy models and new formats.Actively promote the construction 55of a "Internet + " smart energy ( energy Internet ) demonstration project, 23a multi-energy complementary integration optimization demonstration project, 28a new energy microgrid project and a pilot demonstration project of energy storage technology.Accelerate the construction of clean energy demonstration provinces such as Zhejiang, Sichuan, Gansu, and Ningxia, and rural energy revolution demonstration counties such as Lankao, Henan.

( 7 ) Green energy consumption and projects that benefit the people and the people

    Electricity replacement.In key replacement fields such as coal-fired boilers, kilns, and port shore power, a number of electrical energy replacement projects are implemented, and the annual plan is to complete the replacement of 100 1000million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

    Electric vehicle charging facility.Actively promote the construction of charging piles, and plan to build 6010,000 charging piles within the year, including 10,000 public charging piles 10and 10,000 private charging piles 50.

    Clean heating project in the northern region.Promote the implementation of a number of clean heating projects according to local conditions, adding 10more than 100 million square meters of clean heating area.

    Rural energy construction project.During the year, it is planned to invest 100 million 120yuan in the central budget of the rural power grid transformation and upgrading project to ;allocate a village-level photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station with a scale of about 150010,000 kilowatts, benefiting about 20010,000 registered poor households.


    Provincial ( autonomous regions and municipalities ) energy departments and energy companies must deeply understand Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on energy work. The guiding opinions require that the implementation of various tasks should be fully focused on key tasks such as making up for shortcomings, strengthening the foundation, adjusting the structure, promoting reform, and benefiting people's livelihood.All departments of the National Energy Administration should promptly formulate work plans, clarify responsible units and schedules, and strengthen overall coordination and coordination to ensure the smooth development of various tasks.

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