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The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "Measures for the Administration of Pollution Discharge Permits (Trial)"
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The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "Measures for the Administration of Pollution Discharge Permits (Trial)"

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The Ministry of Environmental Protection recently issued the "Measures for the Administration of Pollution Discharge Permits (for Trial Implementation)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrative Measures"), ,which stipulates the procedures for the issuance of pollutant discharge permits and other contents ,. The sewage permit system has taken a solid step.

As an important basic document for the implementation of the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for the Control of Pollutant Discharge Permit System" (Guoban Fa [ 2016] 81No.) and the implementation of the pollutant discharge permit system, the "Administrative Measures" clarifies the responsibility of polluters and emphasizes law-abiding Incentives, illegal punishments.In order to strengthen the implementation of the responsibility of polluters, the "Administrative Measures" stipulates five systems: enterprise commitment, self-monitoring, ledger records, execution reports, and information disclosure.An enterprise's commitment and responsibility for the authenticity, integrity and legality of the application materials are an important prerequisite for an enterprise to obtain a pollutant discharge permit. Self-monitoring, ledger records, and implementation of the reporting system are the means for pollutant discharging units to determine compliance and timely discover environmental problems during operation. As well as an important basis for accounting for actual emissions, it is the main basis for enterprises to self-certify and abide by the law. It is also an important inspection content and law enforcement basis for environmental protection departments to verify that enterprises meet emission standards and determine that enterprises discharge pollutants according to certificates.The information disclosure system is the basis and important means to strengthen the awareness of enterprises to discharge pollutants based on certificates, to guide public opinion supervision, and to form a common supervision atmosphere.

The "Administrative Measures" are the continuation, deepening and improvement of the "Interim Provisions on the Administration of Pollution Discharge Permits".The "Administrative Measures" are consistent with the "Interim Regulations on the Administration of Pollutant Discharge Permits" (Huan Shui Bo [ issued by our Ministry in terms of structure and thinking, and the 2106] No.) 186content is further refined and strengthened.At the same time, according to the legislative authority of departmental regulations, combined with the outstanding problems in the implementation of the pollutant discharge permit system in the thermal power and papermaking industries, the relevant provisions of the entire process of pollutant discharge permit application, issuance, implementation, and supervision have been improved, and the operability has been further improved.

The Administrative Measures are the main basis for the application and issuance of pollutant discharge permits.The "Administrative Measures" stipulates the procedures for the issuance of pollutant discharge permits, specifies the complete cycle of application, review, and issuance of pollutant discharge permits, as well as various situations such as change, extension, revocation, cancellation, and replacement of lost permits, and regulates the materials that enterprises need to provide and the information that should be disclosed. Information, the procedures accepted by the environmental protection department, the requirements for review, the regulations for issuing certificates, and the application of feasible technologies in application and issuance.

The "Administrative Measures" emphasize technical support.The "Administrative Measures" specify that the Ministry of Environmental Protection is responsible for formulating technical specifications for the application and issuance of pollutant discharge permits, technical specifications for environmental management accounts and reports on the implementation of pollutant discharge permits, technical guidelines for self-monitoring of pollutant discharge entities, and feasible technical guidelines for pollution prevention and control.At the same time, it is clarified that the competent department of environmental protection can organize or entrust technical institutions to provide technical support for the management of pollutant discharge permits through the government's purchase of services.

The "Administrative Measures" clearly supervise and enforce the law strictly based on evidence.The supervision and law enforcement department should formulate a pollution discharge permit law enforcement plan, and clarify the focus and frequency of law enforcement; in the law enforcement, it should be based on the pollutant discharge permit permit items, according to the calculation principle of the actual discharge of pollutants, by checking the ledger records, online monitoring data and other monitoring means or Law enforcement monitoring, etc., to check the implementation of the relevant requirements of pollutant discharge permits by enterprises.At the same time, it is stipulated that if a pollutant discharging unit reports an abnormal situation in a timely manner, and takes the initiative to take measures to eliminate or reduce the harmful consequences of illegal acts, it shall be punished leniently in accordance with the law.

The "Administrative Measures" specify the legal responsibilities of environmental protection departments, pollutant discharge units and third-party institutions.Under the existing legal framework, the legal responsibilities and penalties of pollutant discharge units, environmental protection departments and technical institutions are specified in detail.Refinement stipulates unlicensed sewage discharge, illegal sewage discharge, material falsification, self-monitoring of illegal activities, failure to disclose environmental information in accordance with the law, and other violations. ,According to relevant laws, the penalties for illegal acts are clarified.

     Source: WeChat "released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection"


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