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Taking advantage of the momentum to create a new situation in the sales work in the second quarter
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Taking advantage of the momentum to create a new situation in the sales work in the second quarter

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       Since April, good news has been reported frequently.According to the statistics of the sales office, in the coming April, through the joint efforts of all employees of the company and the sales head office, 60many boilers were ordered throughout the month.Among them, high-tonnage and large-scale boilers account for more and more.This critical point signifies that the annual planning tasks have steadily entered the stage of timing synchronization, sales, production and engineering projects are getting better, and the busy, busy, and "grabbing grain" business peak season has arrived!

    This year, under the continuous pressure of the economic downturn, sales are the top priority in annual planning work; sales planning tasks, rushing orders to ensure production is the top priority.Under the guidance of this goal, the company's high-level decision-making leadership, technical support, market development, strategic alliances, and executive leaders led by the general manager as an example or strategizing, attacking from all directions, or concentrating on integration, agglomeration, building core competitiveness, and developing sales market With a broad platform, strong forward guidance, strong back-up and support.

       Facing up to the difficulties, the sales work bravely takes the lead.Under the guidance of the company's sales work meeting at the beginning of the year and quarterly, and under the leadership of the management team headed by Mr. Liu, the sales head office closely focused on the company's annual work center goal, fully mobilized the enthusiasm of all sales staff, and based on reality, step by step.Strengthen the team, strengthen the quality, increase the skills, and be good at management; based on the project linkage and corps operations, and actively introduce the competition and incentive mechanism of mutual assistance and complementarity, and have achieved commendable sales performance.

    The Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing their supernatural abilities.As the seven major teams, the seven branches are closely related to their goals and tasks, based on their own reality, and actively adapt to the new situation and new market requirements, showing a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and enterprising consciousness.The Northeast Branch 's 70MW project successfully won the bid. The Fujian Yongheng pulverized coal boiler project manager Yang Shuzhi from the North China Branch and Chang Chuanjian from the East China Branch worked closely to win the bid. , the implementation of relevant projects of the coastal branch, etc., have become a better interpretation of the sales work breaking through the cold winter this year and getting better.

       It is especially worth mentioning that just yesterday, Manager Liang Hao of the Northeast Branch 15ton 6boiler 2. 4in 1another 10ordered 1Chongqing 15gas and 1Taiwan 30ton medium temperature and medium pressure internal circulating fluidized bed boiler).

As for marketing, it is always important and always necessary to be good at learning from each other and pay attention to learning from each other's strengths.It is the only way to improve the overall quality of sales individuals.

Briefly sorting out the sales work this year, Deputy General Manager Liu Wenzhi put forward the following experiences and opinions, which are shared with all the staff of the sales company.

1. To achieve good sales performance, each salesperson must first have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility.

2. To achieve good sales performance, each salesperson must always keep in mind the overall situation of the company, lock in the target task, and always strengthen the awareness of crisis, the awareness of being the first, and the awareness of goals.

3. Good sales performance is inseparable from the company's good image, strong backing and the joint help of colleagues.It is very important to collect and centrally process information on major projects in a timely manner, and to work together to overcome difficulties.

4. To achieve good sales performance, we must dare to take good care of it and put it into practice.The daily management must be smooth and in place to ensure timely and standardized communication between the top and bottom.

5. Good sales performance is the concentrated expression of personal comprehensive quality.We must continue to learn, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and focus on integrating professionalism, sense of responsibility, business literacy, experience in emotional intelligence, communication skills, and the belief that we will win if we dare to fight.

6. To achieve a good sales performance, you must not be afraid of difficulties, not arrogant or discouraged, you must have the "nail" spirit of tracking and paying close attention, and the perseverance and tenacity that will never be turned back.

7. To achieve good sales performance, you must be good at breaking the traditional and backward sales model bravely, and focus on adopting and mastering new sales methods such as information, data, and network.For daily general projects, it is required that sales personnel have certain independent and individual combat capabilities in the whole process of information capture and collection, technical business agreement and communication, business negotiation, and contract signing.Try to be an expert and take the initiative.

       At present, the company's overall sales work is proactive and has opened the traditional peak sales season.Don't miss the opportunity, the time doesn't wait for me.The company hopes that all the staff of the sales company will further strengthen the awareness of opportunities, unite closely, learn from each other, take advantage of the situation, and strive to build a sales team with excellent comprehensive quality, dare to fight and win, and jointly create a new situation in the sales work in the second quarter.

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