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Steady "walk" continuous innovation, making the empowerment platform wider and more eye-catching
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Steady "walk" continuous innovation, making the empowerment platform wider and more eye-catching

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  the occasion of the first award of "Factory Walk""Employee Innovation Project" , the company's Human Resources and Enterprise Management Department announced the results of the "Factory Walk" excellent project evaluation, "Employee Innovation Project" in accordance with regulations.
      ——Written on awards.On July 1, the publicity period expired.On the same day, five comrades including Wang Jiyao, director of the container assembly workshop of the company's manufacturing center, won the "factory walking" excellent project; four project participants, including Yang Zhifeng, Zong He, Fu Qingquan, and Ma Shiqing, from the Equipment Section of the Manufacturing Center's Production Department, won "Employee Innovation Award" award.While they received cash rewards ranging from 100-2,000 yuan, they were commended simultaneously in the company's walking, management, and cultural exchange WeChat groups for their specific project experience content and expressive joy.While we praise and congratulate the winning projects, we also pay tribute to all the staff who participated in "Factory Walk" and "Employee Innovation Projects".

     "Factory walking" is not only a prescribed action, but also a yardstick for due diligence, and a platform for gathering wisdom.From May 11th to June 14th, under the organization of the company's human and enterprise department, the managers of the company's various centers and departments responded actively and participated actively, and
put forward a large number of "walking" results as scheduled. Its content involves all levels, processes, details, software and hardware of control points, as well as the situation and results of the company's comprehensive management.Some, disclose the shortcomings in one sentence; some, focus on the shortcomings; some, submit opinions that are pertinent and feasible;Although they have different perspectives and depths, they have a good desire to be responsible, build, promote, and improve. Most of the comrades showed a positive attitude and high enthusiasm for participation.

      Respond positively and make efforts to change.Under the notification and supervision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Enterprise, the rectification unit accepted all the various and various problems raised by "factory walking", worked tirelessly, took corresponding measures, actively implemented the rectification tasks, and timely fed back and reported the results of the action. .The "factory walking" project has effectively formed a positive incentive mechanism that echoes the beginning and the end, emphasizes efficiency and light form, everyone is responsible, and promotes sound management.
   "Employee innovation project" has a long history, and the new development situation endows it with new value.The four award-winning projects selected in this issue have many bright spots and remarkable results.They have shown extraordinary "fresh strokes" in terms of process, quality, efficiency, results and safety, and have made contributions to varying degrees.Each project reflects the sense of ownership and responsibility that the main team or individual is good at exploring, concentrating on research, diligent, and brave, as well as excellent job business and technical quality.Their actions, in their respective positions, have set up innovative demonstrations and learning examples for the company's employees to dedicate themselves to their posts and reflect their values.

     The platform calls for capable people and gathers together to promote development.At present, the high-quality transformation and development of enterprises' secondary entrepreneurship is gradually deepening.Advancing against the trend and forging ahead with determination, the company is ushering in valuable development opportunities.The Amoeba business model was introduced, the Kingdee "Cloud Star" system was constructed, and the internal equity incentive project was launched, which is continuing to advance according to the established plan.All centers and departments are ushering in the opportunities, challenges and tests of new reconstruction, independent operation, and joint efforts to promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

      Actively take responsibility, actively integrate, reflect their respective value contributions, the company continues to empower, and the platform is broad.All the staff of the company must take the advanced as an example, based on their own positions, and everyone strives to be "concerned people" to promote the high-quality implementation of various projects, and to mention a few "golden ideas".The heads of each center and department should sum up their experience in a timely manner, improve their positioning, and actively organize competitions for comparison, learning, rushing, helping, and surpassing.It is necessary to be good at discovering, excavating, and cultivating skilled craftsmen who are conducive to project progress, plan implementation, management improvement, and management improvement, setting good examples, and timely commending advanced ones, making them institutionalized, normalized, and standardized, and vigorously creating a positive and enterprising atmosphere.

  On the basis of the existing competition platforms such as the company's "factory walk", "employee innovation project", we must focus on problem orientation, improve the incentive mechanism, and focus on radiation expansion, so that these platforms are more attentive and eye-catching. The thoughts, visions and responsibilities of all employees of the company are further integrated into these platforms, and in the hot atmosphere of striving for excellence, they continue to gather powerful forces to accelerate the high-quality development of the company.

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