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Sifang Holdings: Working hard to build a dream 2018, and poised for a dream 2019
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Sifang Holdings: Working hard to build a dream 2018, and poised for a dream 2019

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      On the morning of February 1, 2019, the 2018 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference of Sifang Holding Group was grandly held in Xuzhou Concert Hall, the central city of Huaihai Economic Zone, the music hall by the beautiful Yunlong Lake.At 8 am that day, nearly 1,000 cadres and employees from the two major industries of the group gathered together to conduct summaries and commendations and welcome the Spring Festival movie viewing activities.Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the group, made an important speech on the work summary in 2018 and the work deployment in 2019.Seven advanced collectives and more than 50 advanced individuals were honored.On the same day, the participants also gathered at Xuzhou Joy Hotel to participate in the Lunar New Year Reunion Luncheon.Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, Vientiane is renewed.Excited employees of the group, with the grand blueprint drawn by the board of directors of the group in mind, are ready to build their dreams in 2019, and will boost the high-quality transformation and development of the group in the new year with more excellent performance!

2018: List of actual performance of Sifang boiler

(1) The initial battle of transformation and upgrading was successful, and the operating performance grew against the trend.Relying on correct decision-making and deployment, and through the joint efforts of all staff, major indicators such as high-parameter, large-scale boiler output, revenue, and project progress have all completed the target plan set at the beginning of the year.The sales order acceptance and sales revenue indicators have reached the best level in history, and the product popularity and market awareness have been significantly improved, laying a solid foundation for high-quality development. 

(2) Continuing to promote production and sales support, the scale and strength have been significantly enhanced.Start resource integration, orderly promote supporting investment in manufacturing and testing equipment, and promote quality assurance and production capacity improvement.The existing advanced complete set of steam drum, membrane wall, serpentine tube, and header production lines are matched with Jackie Chan, forming a design and manufacturing capacity below 480t/h high temperature and ultra-high pressure, and the annual output of boilers can reach 12000steam. 260t/ h of h All kinds of boilers below high temperature and high pressure parameters.The main products have formed a new pattern of fluidized bed (coal-fired, biomass-fired) boilers, waste incinerators, pulverized coal boilers, gas (oil) boilers, waste heat boilers, etc., and strode into the second phalanx of the national boiler industry.

          (3) Establish and improve the competition mechanism, and the technology engine plays a prominent role. The performance remuneration assessment and incentive method focusing on "project responsibility system" has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the technical team, and opened a new situation in which the technical team can play its functions and reflect its value.On the basis of large-scale and diversified boiler products, high temperature, high pressure and high parameters have played a vital role in establishing benchmark products for enterprises and entering the high-end product market.The designed steam ton of pulverized coal furnace and fluidized 2017 bed has increased by more than 50% year-on-year ; the sub-high temperature and sub-high pressure pulverized coal boiler with 50t/h corner tube type four-corner tangential combustion has achieved the first breakthrough in the industry, waste heat boiler, waste heat boiler The incineration boiler market continues to expand.

(4) Taking multiple measures to expand the market, "big sales" won a new start.The company's senior management is in command, leading the sales team to explore the market, show the company's highlights, and find and seize opportunities for cooperation.Large customers and large projects from all over the world come one after another.The two operation h pulverized coal boilers of Xinjiang Turpan Hesheng Electric Co., Ltd. were successfully accepted and put 260t . Projects such as 2into / H high temperature and high pressure fluidized bed boiler, Lianyungang Debangtai 3130T /T fluidized bed boiler and other projects were successfully implemented.The leading products have covered fluidized bed boilers and pulverized coal boilers with various parameters and tonnages of 260t/h and below, forming a relatively complete series of competitive products, advanced technology, excellent quality, and high-quality services. "Xuzhou Quality Award" has laid a good foundation for the in-depth expansion of the sales market, the improvement of word-of-mouth and the accumulation of performance.

          (5) Consolidate the foundation of lean management and help the normal mechanism of environmental protection. Taking the introduction and implementation of lean 6S management as the starting point, the workshop site is comprehensively and deeply improved and improved through the six elements of sorting, rectification, cleaning, tidy, literacy and safety.Production management and basic management of various departments have changed significantly. The management effects of clean and civilized production sites, positioning, and equipment maintenance have been significantly improved. Some traditional mindsets in the workforce have been reformed, and the inherent laziness and complacent style habits have gradually Improvements, employees' mental outlook, and the overall corporate image have taken on a new look, and a lean management and environmental governance normalization mechanism has been established.

(6) Adhere to the guidance of the Quartet culture and show a new atmosphere of hard work and promising.The company has worked hard together, made progress despite difficulties, and made solid and effective efforts in various departments and positions to jointly create and continuously enrich the corporate culture of the Quartet. Remarkable achievements have been made in such respects.Ma Shiqing, the winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal, Li Qiumei, the "Double Creation" pacesetter in Tongshan, Bruce Lee and Yan Wenxuan, the "Gold Medal Worker" in Tongshan, as well as the top ten sales pacesetters, ten welder pacesetters, seven An advanced collective and near 50-name advanced workers.It is the advanced team represented by them that leads the full play of the demonstration role of corporate culture and opens up a new atmosphere of high-quality development of Sifang Holdings' second entrepreneurship.

2019: Development Prospect of Sifang Industry

Basic idea: highlight the main line of "capacity expansion and efficiency creation, production capacity conversion, transformation and development", highlight " benefit determines income, contribution determines distribution, performance determines position" basic orientation, highlight "quality first, efficiency The core concept of giving priority to ", highlighting "safe production, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, project responsibility, contract performance, lean management, cultural leadership" six major supports, to achieve a steady improvement in the scale and efficiency of the enterprise, and make employees live and spiritually look. , The happiness index was further improved and improved.

        (1) Continue to increase sales efforts and promote the implementation of brand strategy.The   annual sales target is determined as 6 7 8 follows: the internal accounting task of the company is 100 6 million yuan, the financial sales income is 7 100 million yuan, and the effective contract is 8 100 million yuan.Adjust and improve sales policies, greatly increase the basic salary of sales staff; focus on exerting brand influence, enhance market awareness and brand recognition, and strive to achieve 2017 the annual sales 10 target of over 100 million yuan within five years.It is necessary to strengthen the main responsibility, increase publicity and promotion, strengthen the market atmosphere, continue to improve the aggregation of advantageous resources, promote the group-based operation of bidding for large projects, and increase the index.Technology, production, quality control and engineering project management services should focus on sales, service sales, achieve sales, and ensure contract performance.  

(2) Continue to increase investment in research and development, and work together to enhance innovation strength.Pay attention to increasing investment in research and development, increase the attraction of leading talents in new product research and development, and build a professional team that meets the technological upgrading and high-quality development of enterprises.Accelerate the transformation process to new high-tonnage and high-parameter products that are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, high-efficiency, and low-emission, and further consolidate and strengthen the implementation of technology research and development, manufacturing and sales strategies for existing fluidized beds, waste incinerators and other leading products.Closely carry out technical cooperation with the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University, improve the fault-tolerant and error-correcting mechanism of technology research and development, further promote the technical project responsibility system, and further mobilize the enthusiasm of designers, so that "more work and more benefits" The risk incentive mechanism of getting more, not being invalid, and being punished for mistakes is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, driven by normality, and jointly build a high-quality R&D main force that meets the needs of high-quality transformation and development of enterprises.

         (3) Committed to the replacement of factory production capacity, and enhanced the comprehensive profit and tax strength. New opportunities bring new impetus, and new teams develop new atmosphere.The young management team, represented by production management, must carry forward their achievements, put pressure on themselves, make persistent efforts, and work hard.Focus on the conversion of existing site production capacity, promote the comprehensive utilization of existing plant sites, further enhance manufacturing capacity, increase the production capacity per unit occupied area, and promote the personal contribution value of employees.In-depth expansion of the core work of strict enterprise management with lean 6S management as the starting point, the implementation of normalization is unswerving, the establishment and continuous improvement of production site management, and a standardized and normalized operation mechanism that adapts to environmental inspections, to help the company to overcome difficulties in production and operation. , steady development

(4) Strengthen the quality-oriented awareness and strive to improve the quality level.Effectively establish a model of "quality first, benefit first", and strive to improve the supply quality of manufactured products, projects and services.Pay attention to improving the quality management level from the design source, manufacturing process, installation and furnace construction.Do a good job in the evaluation and dynamic monitoring of qualified suppliers, the quality of material source procurement, pay attention to the quality of technical design review, the quality control point monitoring of manufacturing quality, and the quality of on-site installation services for contract projects, so as to improve competitiveness and enhance profitability.In accordance with the requirements of the quality assurance operation system, strictly control the quality control points of the whole process.Strengthen pre-control, focus on supervision of key projects and key departments, to ensure that hidden dangers of quality accidents are promptly eliminated, and signs of problems are effectively eliminated; in-depth implementation of all-staff activities to create excellence in quality, reward the superior and punish the inferior to set benchmarks, and work together to improve the overall Quality management level.

         (5) Vigorously carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and establish a model of high quality and efficiency. Taking the annual advanced collective and advanced individual as an example, based on each post, vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmanship, consciously follow the high-quality service, unite and cooperate, and dare to compete.Continue to follow the overall policy of the group's corporate culture construction, unremittingly do a good job in corporate culture construction, focus on improving the cohesion and centripetal force of the Quartet culture, vigorously promote the enterprise spirit, vigorously promote advanced models, vigorously promote the Sifang cultural brand, model worker spirit, craftsmanship Spirit, gold medal employee spirit, use culture and platform to better stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to set up their posts and dedication, and work together to build an elite team that accelerates the high-quality development of Quartet's second entrepreneurship.

(6) Introduce high-quality strategic investment to facilitate the process of high-quality development.According to the established plan, based on strategic cooperation, actively raise high-quality funds to attract investment, strive for the support of industrial development funds, orderly promote the planning and construction of the factory area on the west side of the boiler company, and start planning for a comprehensive science and technology building for R&D innovation, quality control testing, and improvement of employees. Dining environment, etc., accelerate the formation of high-quality transformation and development of large-scale formats, and actively create a new overall image and new look of the enterprise that is compatible with technology research and development, operation management and production services that are compatible with transformation products.

  Sifang Building Materials Trade City: Seize the implementation of the city's "city double green lungs" plan, and the Jiuli Lake Wetland Development has been positioned as a policy opportunity for a pilot zone for the sustainable integration of ecology, innovation, and technology in the northwest of Xuzhou. Upgrade, speed up integrated development; strengthen brand awareness, improve quality management; integrate advantageous resources, show a new image, lock in the goal of mid-to-high-end products and the largest building materials decoration city in northwest Xuzhou, and increase radiation to the mid-to-high-end customer market in the main urban area. To develop new business formats to enhance the high-quality carrying capacity of the mall, and create an upgraded version of the market commerce and trade industry.

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