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Sifang Holding Group held the 2013 annual work summary and commendation 2014 Chinese New Year group call
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Sifang Holding Group held the 2013 annual work summary and commendation 2014 Chinese New Year group call

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        On the morning of January 28, the long-prepared Sifang Holding Group Corporation's 2013 annual work summary and commendation and 2014 Chinese New Year group visit was grandly held in the multi-functional joint workshop on the west side of the headquarters of Sifang Boiler China Resources Industrial Park.The conference summed up and commended the work in 2013, and deployed the work in 2014.The meeting also held a variety of activities such as speeches, lucky draws, gala performances of literary and art programs, and all-member banquets.More than 700 cadres and employees from the group's Sifang Boiler Company, Sifang Building Materials Decoration City Management Company, Sifang Tongxin Enterprise Management Company and other branches attended the meeting and activities.
        That morning, the weather was fine and the wind was blowing.The factory on the west side of the company, which has recently completed the merger and acquisition, has been renovated. Two brand-new gantry trains cross the factory on the south side, which is magnificent; the giant red inflatable arch in front of the gate is flying across, "I wish all colleagues of Sifang Holding Group a happy new year. The slogan of "Happiness and Auspiciousness" is particularly eye-catching, creating a strong festive atmosphere.At about 8 o'clock, more than 700 cadres and employees from various branches stepped into the venue one by one, dressed in festive costumes.At 8:30, the meeting started on time.According to the agenda, Ye Feng, general manager of the boiler company, first made a work summary report in 2013; Duan Xuqiang, chairman of Sifang Holdings, made an important speech on the main work deployment and key requirements in 2014; The cadres successively awarded plaques or honorary certificates to 12 advanced collectives and 65 advanced individuals.The Spring Festival Reunion Party is the second part of the important content of this meeting.Wonderful speeches, festive dances, soulful singing, witty comic dialogues, allegiance books that entertain and teach, three and a half sentences that are both elegant and harmonious, loud and loud chorus, and three exciting lottery arrangements made the group worship activities climax and fascinating.
        At about 12:00 noon, the conclusion and commendation and the Spring Festival group meeting came to an end with the passionate chorus "Beyond the Dream".Nearly 70 tables of banquets were held. In the festive and joyful music, people enjoyed the wine and exchanged New Year's blessings.(office)

The picture shows the podium of the conference . The

picture shows General Manager Ye making a work summary report of Sifang Boiler in 2013. The

Duan's deployment speech on the main work in 2014.



shows Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the holding company, and Chen Shaorong, general manager of Sifang Tongxin Co., Ltd., gave a New Year's speech and drew a lottery for the first prize


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