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Sifang Holding Group Boiler Company Held 2016 Sales Work Conference
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Sifang Holding Group Boiler Company Held 2016 Sales Work Conference

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The picture shows Deputy General Manager Liu of the Boiler Company presided over the meeting and delivered a speech

The picture shows the speech of General Manager Ye of Boiler Company

The picture shows the group chairman Duan making an important speech

The picture shows a corner of the sales meeting venue

The picture shows the podium of the sales meeting

         On the morning of January 12, the 2016 sales work meeting of Sifang Holding Group Boiler Company was held in the multi-functional room on the third floor of the boiler company's production department and the engineering company's office building.The meeting mainly summarized the sales work in 2015, clearly issued the sales target planning tasks of the boiler company in 2016, and deployed and mobilized the sales management and business development in the new year.Nearly 50 people from the sales headquarters of the Group Boiler Company, the business marketing personnel, branch managers and financial management personnel of the Boiler Company Financial Department attended the meeting.The chairman of the group company, the general manager of the boiler company, the deputy general manager in charge of sales and the chief financial officer attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Liu Wenzhi, deputy general manager of the boiler company in charge of sales.
       Comrade Liu Wenzhi, deputy general manager, firstly reported the sales performance ranking of salesmen in 2015.The top three, Liu Zhimin, Ma Liwei and Qu Jichuan, were awarded the title of sales champion respectively, and Li Yanxin and Ding Daoxiang were awarded the honorary title of sales pacesetter.
       Vice President Liu clearly stated that in 2016, the sales work should continue to promote the sales of large boiler products and the undertaking of large-scale general contract projects as the main goal, so as to greatly increase the company's sales and enhance the company's reputation.He asked all members of the sales company to earnestly strengthen the team spirit, exert collective wisdom, and implement the corps combat strategy; to further deepen the study of the company's new sales system and policies, product technical information and contract negotiation regulations, skills and business, and strive to improve Comprehensive quality and practical skills; managers of each branch should not only guard the soil, but also protect the overall situation.It is necessary to give full play to the role of management functions, and set an example in system implementation and business expansion; in management functions, be bold and aggressive, and dare to manage well; in the implementation of assessment tasks, it is necessary to keep an eye on it, and make every effort to ensure sales throughout the year. achieve new breakthroughs.
       General Manager Comrade Ye Feng explained and implemented the sales management system and its supporting policies in 2016.Clarify the new year's sales structure for a head office, 7 branches and the subdivision of business personnel.Focusing on the big and letting go of the small and further increasing the average steam ton of sales items is the focus of the annual sales work.It is necessary to focus on collective efforts and group operations; emphasize the dual role positioning of service and management between salesmen and branch managers, centering on the center, mutual respect, close cooperation, learn from each other's strengths, and further enhance team cohesion, centripetal force, and combat effectiveness.When requesting branch managers to perform service functions, they must adhere to the principles without losing their affinity.It is necessary to pay attention to playing an exemplary role, and actively create a good atmosphere in which sales work is prohibited and united.
       Chairman Duan Xuqiang delivered an important speech.He fully affirmed the new breakthroughs and new achievements made by the Group Boiler Company in the implementation of a series of large-scale boiler strategies in 2015, and positively affirmed and encouraged the efforts of all the staff of the sales company in the past year.
       He proposed that in the new year, all the work of the boiler company should be closely related to the sales center.From the company executives to the various positions in various departments, they must do a good job in the corresponding service and guarantee work.
       On the basis of 2015, the company will further tilt the policy towards sales work, and maximally undertake the reasonable sales expenses such as the necessary entertainment for the salesman's personal business.
       To further highlight the "wolf tactic" of team fighting, we must be good at grasping market opportunities and project information in a timely manner, and timely feedback to them for centralized consultation and processing, and strive to improve the success rate of large project orders.
       Further improve the planning and construction of the entire plant area of ​​the boiler company, in accordance with the principle of unified planning and step-by-step implementation, further improve its scientific, standardized and standardized level in hardware construction, create better conditions for the expansion of the sales market, and provide a strong guarantee.
       Duan Dong pointed out that success or failure should be judged by performance, and heroes should be judged by contribution.Facing the new situation, new tasks, new opportunities and challenges, he asked all the sales staff of the company to earnestly strengthen the enterprising consciousness of devoting themselves to their jobs and striving for the first, and pay attention to strengthening the new sales system, sales skills and product technical knowledge. Study, strive to improve their comprehensive quality, and work together to build a new sales team that has both political integrity and talent, and dares to compete.
       Duan Dong called on the new year to carry forward the achievements in the development of large-scale product markets, take advantage of the momentum to expand, and strive to be the "Saint" in the business competition with their own fruitful performance, reflect the due role and value, and jointly create a new year. A new situation in sales.

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