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"Sifang Cultural Exchange WeChat Group" is online now!
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"Sifang Cultural Exchange WeChat Group" is online now!

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     According to the proposal of Chairman Duan of the company, the Jiangsu Sifang WeChat group "Sifang Cultural Exchange" was officially established and launched on August 1. After just a few days of trying and communicating, the first batch of 23 company managers and enthusiastic employees joined the group. Most of them feel better, and it is generally reported that the company has its own WeChat group, which is good! 

    WeChat groups can help advance the work.It is understood that in the past, to arrange activities and promote work, it was often necessary to hold meetings of various stages and natures.Now with the platform of WeChat group, many of these tasks can be replaced, and it will indicate the existing problems, what the specific requirements are, and the direction of the next step as soon as possible. The efficiency is high and the effect is better.WeChat groups can be a good helper for advancing work.
    WeChat groups can quickly transfer information.For example, uploading and downloading in the office is a regular job.In the past, we often used three ways to issue emergency notices for all staff to participate: first, through paper documents; second, by calling the person to be notified;Now that there is a WeChat group, it is very convenient to go to "catch all in one net" with one click.
    WeChat group is a learning and communication platform.Prosperity of Quartet culture, endless learning, entertaining.Whether working or living, or doing things, if you have good knowledge, experience, cultural information, etc., you can link to the group and share the essence; when you encounter confusion and problems, speak out, you can say something to everyone, and I say something, you will gain a lot from it... ;Show your insights, harvests, and experiences "bath" out, inspire others, improve yourself...; Do your best, offer ideas, help others, and be happy... I, help each other, encourage each other, achieve you and me..., build a good platform for you and me to learn and communicate.
    WeChat groups need to be actively joined and managed in a standardized manner in order to play a better role.With the trust of company leaders and members of the group, the office should be a good group leader.Current main tasks: 1. Recruit company managers and enthusiastic employees into the group as soon as possible, and strive to make all managers into group members; 2. Standardize management, facilitate communication, and enter group names according to their real names; 3. Make comments in a timely manner to promote WeChat Positive interaction, play a better role.(office)

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