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Sifang Boiler teamed up to participate in the 2016 Xuzhou New Year's Day Fitness Run
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Sifang Boiler teamed up to participate in the 2016 Xuzhou New Year's Day Fitness Run

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"Sifang Boiler""Sifang Winter Swimming Fitness Club" Colorful flags fluttering, reflecting each other's brilliance

The blue sky and white clouds, the crowd is surging, and the bright square boiler banner is particularly eye-catching

The picture shows a group photo of the members of the Sifang Winter Swimming Fitness Club.

 2016On the first day, the 611st Xuzhou City New Year's Day fitness long-distance running event fired at the track and field of the city sports center . More 126and long-distance running teams greeted the event with a fitness long-distance running. 13000than cadres and masses from the city's government agencies, enterprises and institutions, primary and secondary schools, social organizations new year.The chairman and general manager of Sifang Boiler attended the opening ceremony of the event, and members of the Sifang Winter Swimming Fitness Club participated in the long-distance running event.


 At the opening ceremony, among the crowds of the long-distance running team, the banners of "Sifang Boiler" with white characters on a red background and "Sifang Winter Swimming Fitness Club" with ink characters on a yellow background were bright and dazzling, flying high.from the Sifang Boiler and the Winter Swimming Fitness Club were in high spirits, holding the banner high and arrogant.20The athletes The long-distance running route of the day starts from the north gate of the track and field fence of Xuzhou Sports Center, enters Hubei Road, goes east to Sudi Road, passes Xi'an South Road, Huaihai West Road, People's Square, enters Second Ring West Road and goes south to Hubei intersection, then turns to Sports The center gate ends, the whole journey is about 6000meters.

 Over the years, Sifang Boiler has actively participated and funded, and used this as a platform to vigorously publicize the Sifang culture and show the spirit of Sifang Boiler.As a traditional sports activity, the New Year's Day long-distance running has also become a sports cultural tradition in Xuzhou. It is an important historical memory of the city and a manifestation of the city's spiritual outlook.



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