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Sifang Boiler held a symposium to celebrate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the party
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Sifang Boiler held a symposium to celebrate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the party

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       On June 30, when the party's 96anniversary is approaching, the company's party organization held a grand celebration symposium in the party member's activity room.At that time, some party members and representatives in the company participated in the activity. The general manager of the company, the deputy secretary of the party branch, Ye Feng, and the branch appointed Comrade Shaoyong participated in the discussion.The meeting was chaired by Comrade Luo Yu.

The celebrations began with the majestic national anthem.

The participating party members faced the party flag, raised their hands and clenched their fists, and revisited the oath of joining the party.

Comrade Luo Yu conveyed the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Work Arrangement for the Normalization and Institutionalization of Learning and Education" by the superior party committee2017spirit of three documents such as the

      Comrade Ye Feng first made a warm impromptu speech.He fully affirmed the significance of this event.Combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, I would like to praise the spirit and performance of the party members present in this year's "two learning and one doing" theme activities based on their own duties, dedication and dedication.I hope that everyone will keep in mind the mission, be based on their own duties, and make persistent efforts. In the implementation of the company's annual plan and tasks, we will further play the pioneering and exemplary leading role of the Communist Party members, set the banner high, and create new achievements.

Talking freely about ideals and beliefs, keeping in mind the sacred mission, focusing on the development of the Quartet, and determined to contribute to the post, the party members Ren Shaoyong, Ye Jianguang, Liu Manman and other comrades, combined with their own jobs and the actual situation of the post, respectively made unpretentious and sincere speeches and exchanges.

      The foundation is learning, the key is doing.Comrade Luo Yu made a brief summary speech in combination with the requirements for the normalization and in-depth development of the theme activities of "two studies and one action".Unify thoughts and build consensus; cherish the platform and reflect value.In the current and future study and work, all party members of the company must strengthen their political beliefs, focus on the development of the enterprise, strengthen their learning and self-cultivation, love their jobs and dedication, and reflect the advanced level of each party member with higher work enthusiasm and better work performance. Sexuality, be the vanguard of the company's annual development, win glory for the organization, and add luster to the company.

In the end, all the participants stood up, and the event ended successfully in the passionate "Internationale".

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