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Sifang Boiler 2016 Routine "Golden Autumn Student" Donation Ceremony was grandly held
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Sifang Boiler 2016 Routine "Golden Autumn Student" Donation Ceremony was grandly held

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     8On the 31morning of the first day of the month, in 930headquarters of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler, the annual 201the conference room of the 2016donation ceremony of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler's 'regular "Golden Autumn Scholarship"" was grandly held.Poor freshmen from famous universities from all villages in the 10town, Wang Bei, deputy mayor of Liuxin Town Government in charge of education, Zhang Kangkang, secretary of the town Youth League Committee, and Lu Can from the town party committee office attended the donation ceremony. The general manager of the company, Ye Feng, attended the donation ceremony. Luo Yu presided over the donation ceremony.

    This year, according to the usual practice, the chairman of the company entrusted the town labor union and the Youth League Committee early to conduct a thorough investigation of the freshmen from poor colleges in the town this year, and then reported to the Youth League District Committee and the District Trade Union for selection, and finally determined Liu Xiaoyu, Jiang Dong and other 10poor college freshmen to donate. .

    At the donation ceremony, Zhang Kangkang, secretary of the town's Youth League Committee, first introduced the 10family situation of the assisted college freshman, and Wang Bei, the deputy mayor, delivered an impromptu speech.She thanked Sifang Boiler for its caring donation to support education for many years, congratulated all the college students on the gold list, and encouraged everyone to be grateful, study hard, and repay the society.

The universities participating in the donation ceremony 10made their respective statements.

    General Manager Ye Feng made a warm speech on behalf of Sifang Boiler Company.After first briefing the production and operation of the company, he once again expressed the company's unswerving responsibility to donate money to support education and love.He earnestly hoped that all the assisted college students would study hard and be determined to become useful talents for the country; they should apply what they have learned, pay attention to comprehensively improving their comprehensive quality, continuously narrow the gap between the school and society, actively adapt to the society, and firmly grasp the correct " Three views ", to learn something early, to serve the country and society, and to feed back to parents and families.


 At the end of the donation ceremony, General Manager Ye 10distributed bursaries to each of the recipient college students and took a group photo.

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