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Shanxi Xingchen Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. commendation letter to witness sincerity to stimulate heat
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Shanxi Xingchen Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. commendation letter to witness sincerity to stimulate heat

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Gold cup and silver cup need more customer word of mouth
Shanxi Xingchen Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. commendation letter
Witness the sincerity to stimulate enthusiasm 
      At the beginning of the new year, the weather is freezing cold, and a warm commendation letter from Shanxi users warms this winter!
      On January 10th, our company's Shanxi customer - Shanxi Xingchen Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. sent a "commentation letter" with a bright red seal.The letter of praise is unpretentious and sincere."Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd.: Our company has purchased 3 sets of 100-ton gas forced circulation hot water boilers from your company... Facing the heavy commissioning work and many difficulties, the Bian (Yongqiang) project dispatched by your company The manager wants to think of the user, is anxious for the user's urgency, bears hardships and stands hard work, maintains the safe operation of the boiler heating with excellent technology, a positive and enthusiastic attitude, and has been highly recognized and praised by our company".... ..
      This commendation letter also describes Comrade Bian Yongqiang's positive performance and work performance from details such as on-site debugging, troubleshooting, active coordination, and not being afraid of hard work, and affirms Comrade Bian Yongqiang as the project manager. The active service concept of the company praised him for overcoming many difficulties, completing the construction tasks well, and establishing a model "Longma spirit" for the on-site operators.
      At the end of the commendation letter, Shanxi Xingchen Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. expressed its willingness to cooperate with our company "together through thick and thin, join hands, cooperate sincerely, and create brilliant together" while thanking our company for its strong support, and placed good expectations on the prospects of cooperation between the two parties.
      As one of the project managers of the engineering department, the work spirit and performance of the project manager Bian Yongqiang have better demonstrated the corporate culture and reputation of Sifang Boiler with practical actions. It is indeed worthy of recognition, learning and development.
      Gold Cup and Silver Cup need more customer word of mouth.Good installation, commissioning and after-sales service are an important part of ensuring the overall performance quality of each project.In recent years, the project manager team of the company's engineering project department has overcame difficulties in the field services of Cangzhou Haotian Thermal Power, Xi'an Hancheng Thermal Power and today's Shanxi Xingchen Thermal Power. The cooperation and service of our company have been highly praised and fully affirmed the products and services of our Sifang boiler.The demonstration of this spirit and performance, and the testimony of this sincere cooperation, have become the inexhaustible driving force and valuable wealth for Sifang Boiler to continuously enhance its comprehensive strength, industry recognition and reputation.
      In the new year, with the improvement of the high-quality development of the enterprise, the overall quality and service level of the project manager team of the Engineering Project Department will be further improved.As a messenger who embodies the image of the flow window of Sifang boiler, each project manager shoulders important responsibilities and sacred missions.The company must cherish this hard-earned word of mouth and praise. Taking Bian Yongqiang's project managers as an example, they are loyal to their duties and make great achievements. In the grand blueprint of the second development of Sifang Boiler, everyone has made a great contribution!

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