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"Repeat customer"become our company's business partner"Golden Phoenix"
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"Repeat customer"become our company's business partner"Golden Phoenix"

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The shows that on April 8, the Russian customer (middle) who once purchased 7 autoclaves from our company came back to our company to discuss the intention of second


picture Guests of TTG Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd. visit "Old friend"-Deng Yizhong, deputy general manager of quality assurance of our company,

pictured the natural gas boiler of our company on the site of Heating Company in Science Park, Changping District, Beijing (video screenshot)



4 On the 5 day of the month, Mr. Liu, an Indonesian customer who has already had good cooperation with our company, led a delegation to our company for business inspection. After visiting our company on-site, he decided to renew the contract on the 1spot 10. Yuan business contract.500

Coincidentally, in recent years, Beijing Changping District Yongan Thermal Power Company and our company have successfully performed contracts for WNS , WNSL , SZS and other specifications .Among them, the 40multiple boiler products of which was in good operation last year , 4SZS29MW will be added this year, and gas-fired boiler, 7the delivery will be imminent.

"Old friend" Mr. Padie, general manager of Thailand TTG Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd. is here; has been successfully put into production in Kazakhstan for 2more than a year is here again; from Shanxi, Xinjiang, Lanzhou, Shandong, 7the buyer of the autoclave that Many major customers in Hebei, Henan, Guangzhou and other places have successively sent purchase information for large boilers ...

The boat is on top of the wind and waves, and the flowers and butterflies come.In recent years, under the general pressure of the still severe macroeconomic situation, our company reviewed the situation, took the initiative to withdraw from the market of small and low-end boiler products, seized the opportunity to adjust the national environmental protection policy, resolutely adjusted product positioning and production and sales strategies, and concentrated the company's superior resources. Engineering technology research institutes and engineering companies improve and upgrade the after-sales service quality system, focusing on large-scale products with high technical content and large added value.Recent customer feedback and comprehensive market information feedback show that the market effect brought about by this strategic adjustment is gradually exerting force.


    Plant the plane trees, and come from the golden phoenix.At present, the peak season of the industry is about to unfold, and large orders are poised to come, which is at a critical stage for our company to seize opportunities and develop against the trend.With the joint efforts of sales, technology, production, quality and engineering service departments, our accumulated superior resources and performance are playing an active role.In this regard, the company must cherish it more, make up for its shortcomings, and make progress quickly. It is necessary to further consolidate basic management to ensure design quality, manufacturing quality, inspection quality and service quality. Good and higher service quality, gather old customers, attract and develop new customers, and jointly open up a new situation of production and marketing with mutual benefit and win-win, and accelerated development.(office)



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