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Reasons for the failure of the internal pipes of the angle tube boiler
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Reasons for the failure of the internal pipes of the angle tube boiler

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Corner tube boilers are mainly composed of pots and barrels, but there are many tubes inside the boiler, mainly including smoke tubes and water-cooled wall tubes. If these tubes are used improperly, problems will occur. Let's talk about common problems.

Reasons for the failure of the internal pipes of the angle tube boiler

What are the main reasons for the failure of angle tube boilers?The boiler is seriously short of water.Poor water circulation and uneven combustion.The quality of the boiler water is not up to standard, and the chemical supervision is not strict, so that the inner wall of the pipe is scaled and corroded, which leads to the overheating of the pipe and the reduction of its strength.Due to the presence of impurities and scale, the inside of the furnace tube is blocked, resulting in poor water circulation, overheating the tube wall, and causing bulges and cracks.The heat intensity of the furnace has changed too much, the fire is raised too fast or the furnace is stopped and the water is discharged too early.The welding quality of the boiler body is unqualified, or the quality does not meet the standard, or the pipe manufacturing is defective.Improper installation of drum, header, and water wall pipes or insufficient expansion gaps will affect the free expansion of pipes.
What should I do if the corner tube boiler fails?If the damage is serious, the circulating water pump is insufficient, the boiler water pressure drops rapidly, and the boiler is shut down urgently. At this time, the outlet flow of the circulating water should be reduced to maintain the boiler water pressure, keep the induced draft fan running, and shut down the boiler after removing the flue gas and steam in the boiler. .If the damage to the furnace tube is not large and the loss of water volume is not large, the normal water pressure of the drum can be maintained, and the accident will not expand quickly, the boiler load can be appropriately reduced, and the furnace can be dealt with as a normal shutdown. When the furnace is in operation, the furnace should be stopped urgently.

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