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Production Department Quality Control Department Business Competition Technology Competition kicked off
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Production Department Quality Control Department Business Competition Technology Competition kicked off

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      At the end of the year, under the guidance of the company, the production department and the quality control department seized the favorable opportunity, carefully prepared, carefully organized, and 12moon and day.22launched a professional skills competition and a competition on the Nearly 100 team leaders of the production department, workshop directors, some managers, welders, grass-roots managers of the quality management department, quality inspectors, and line marking personnel participated in the business skills and knowledge written test competition that afternoon.

    23At about 10:00 this morning 9, in the serpentine tube workshop of the production department, under the logo of the Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Workers Technical Competition with white characters on a red background, the welding equipment for the competition was lined 12up 12. The operation competitions of electrode arc welding test plate welding and pipe-to-pipe butt tungsten arc welding were launched respectively.

    In order to ensure the smooth progress of this technical competition and the results of the competition, the executive deputy general manager Zhang Eying commanded the whole process, deputy general managers Zhang Houxing and Deng Yizhong, quality management director Xu Wenming, production director Yan Haizhou, director of the human resources department Ren Lei and deputy chief engineer of the technology department Gao Meng, technology section chief, welding engineer Yue Dongyang and other on-site examinations, guidance and services.

    During the preparation of the event and during the competition, the chairman and general manager attached great importance to, guided and encouraged, hoping to achieve the results of the competition, the atmosphere of the competition, the accumulation of experience, and the normalization of progress.

    According to the arrangement of this competition, after the theoretical test, the welder will enter the competition procedure of operation.In the final stage of the welding operation, 12the best qualified welders will be selected for the final round.The whole schedule will last until the 12month 30and day, and the final theoretical and practical results will be awarded for each set award.specific:

     1. The on-site inspector and the line-marker competition group will each take the top three.The first   prize: honorary certificate, bonus 1000yuan, and awarded as the 2016annual advanced worker of the department; the second   prize: honorary certificate, bonus 600yuan; the third   prize: honorary certificate, bonus 400yuan.

    2. The top six in the certified welder competition group.The first place ( 1person) reward: honorary certificate, bonus 2000yuan, and named as the 2016annual outstanding welder of the production department; the second ( 2person) reward: honorary certificate, bonus 1000yuan, and named as the 2016annual excellent welder of the production department; the third place ( 3Person) reward: honorary certificate, bonus 600yuan, and rated as the 2016annual advanced worker of the production department.


Strengthen your muscles and bones, fight hard, and face the peak season of the industry's accelerated development. Time is waiting!   Daxing compares the business and technical operation of learning to catch up with Bangchao and the good atmosphere of labor competition, and further improves the professional and technical quality. This technical competition is undoubtedly an effective activity carrier for practicing internal skills and increasing strength at the end of the year.

The industry is proficient in diligence, and there is a specialization in surgery.Although the division of labor is different and the functions are different, the goals are the same. Everyone has the responsibility and obligation for self-improvement and dedication.The whole company should take this as the driving force, based on the long-term efforts of strengthening the foundation and promoting the improvement, and actively learn from, spread, and penetrate into the daily work of various departments and positions ,. It provides a strong guarantee against the continuous large-scale production and development.

Kudos to everyone who participated in this competition, I wish you all the best of luck!



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