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Performance characteristics of waste heat boiler
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Performance characteristics of waste heat boiler

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       With the rapid development of society and economy, waste heat boiler equipment is used in many industrial production processes. There are many types of specifications, mainly including sintering machine waste heat boiler, three-waste mixed combustion furnace and blowing air waste heat boiler, non-ferrous metal smelting waste heat boiler, sulfuric acid waste heat Boiler equipment, etc.The waste heat boiler is welcomed by many friends because of its unique performance. It not only has full combustion, high thermal efficiency, but also has the characteristics of energy saving and emission reduction.So, what are the performance characteristics of waste heat boilers?
       The characteristics of waste heat boilers are relatively obvious. They all adopt full-film water-cooled wall structure, which has high heat transfer efficiency and good sealing performance, which solves the problem of large air leakage and high heat dissipation loss of traditional boilers. It adopts a flexible sealing structure, which can ensure that the joint part of the guard plate and the steel frame will not be de-welded due to thermal expansion during the operation of the boiler, thereby reducing the air leakage of the boiler and making the combustion more sufficient.
       You will find that the performance characteristics of the waste heat boiler are relatively obvious. The use of a closed ash discharge device can realize the sealing of the flue gas side and automatic ash cleaning, thus solving the shortcomings of traditional boilers such as low efficiency and high labor intensity of manual ash cleaning.The waste heat of the boiler equipment can be reused, which can save energy, reduce consumption, realize comprehensive utilization of resources, reduce exhaust gas temperature and dust concentration, and reduce air pollution and greenhouse effect.
       Do you have a clear understanding of the performance characteristics of waste heat boilers?You will find that the overall heating surface of the boiler adopts a suspension structure, which is conducive to absorbing boiler expansion, has high operation safety, and is more useful in vertical layout. , as soon as it was listed, it was welcomed by the majority of corporate friends.

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