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Our company won the title of "City Model Harmonious Enterprise (Industrial Park)"
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Our company won the title of "City Model Harmonious Enterprise (Industrial Park)"

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        A few days ago, four units in Tongshan District, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Caifa Aluminum Heat Transmission Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xuhang Technology Co., Ltd., and Xuzhou High-tech Zone were jointly commended by six departments including the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau as "Xuzhou City Model Labor Relations" Harmonious Enterprise (Industrial Park) ".
        In recent years, under the correct leadership of the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Tongshan District, focusing on enterprises and industrial parks in the whole district, and aiming at building harmonious and win-win labor relations, social relations and environmental relations, our company has actively participated in and vigorously carried out model labor relations. Harmonious enterprise and industrial park creation activities, implement the people-oriented management concept into the whole process of enterprise development, fully mobilize and protect the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of both parties in the labor relationship, and promote enterprises and employees to negotiate, work together, create benefits and share benefits, It has initially formed a good situation of benefiting employees, benefiting enterprises, economic development and social harmony, and has had a positive impact on safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees, improving the operation of labor relations, and serving the sound and rapid development of the economy and society, and achieved remarkable results. effectiveness.(office)

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