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Our company successfully passed the joint audit of ASME certificate renewal
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Our company successfully passed the joint audit of ASME certificate renewal

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       On April 16th and 17th, in response to our company's application, the ASME certification organization headquartered in the United States appointed "Sifang Boiler ASME Certificate Renewal" joint review team leader Yu Zhongqiu and China Special Inspection Institute Authorized Inspection Office Director Chen Zhaohe (AIS) and Yan Changhua (AI), director of the Product Supervision and Inspection Office of the Xuzhou Branch of the Jiangsu Special Inspection Institute, formed a joint review team and entered our company for a 2-day joint review of certificate renewal.Through the comprehensive review, the members of the joint review team agreed that Sifang Boiler complied with the ASME certificate renewal requirements, and successfully passed the certificate renewal joint review.
        During the two-day intense and orderly joint review process, the joint review team strictly followed the requirements of the ASME certificate renewal and joint review code, and successively reviewed the quality assurance manual, non-destructive testing on-site inspection and ASME demonstration product inspection.Through the joint audit, it fully affirmed the stability and effectiveness of our company's ASME qualification, and put forward requirements for further study and implementation of the standard's rigor, normativeness, and normality, thus laying a solid foundation for the in-depth and effective implementation of our company's ASME code.(office)

The picture shows the venue of the first meeting of the ASME certificate renewal joint audit. The

picture shows the inspection site of non-destructive testing.

The picture shows Yan Changhua, director of the product supervision and inspection office of Xuzhou Special Inspection Branch,

a member of the joint audit team.

The picture shows Yu Chongqing, head of the joint review team

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