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Our company has become a new member of China AAC Association
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Our company has become a new member of China AAC Association

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        A few days ago, the new general meeting of the China AAC Association was successfully concluded.After discussion and approval by the council, our company was accepted as a member again, and the secretariat was authorized to issue a membership certificate to our company on November 5.Membership number: 12138, valid until 2014.
In recent years, our company has actively responded to the national call for energy conservation and environmental protection, vigorously promoted energy conservation and emission reduction, and continuously developed a series of aerated concrete equipment products such as autoclave and hydraulic door autoclave, and its output ranks first in the domestic industry.Join the China AAC Association, actively participate in the activities of the association, last year became the "autoclave product R & D and production base" recognized by the association, and was awarded the "most influential enterprise in the aerated concrete industry" by the association.
        China Air-entrained Concrete Association is a cross-regional, cross-department and cross-ownership industry social organization voluntarily formed by enterprises in the aerated concrete industry, such as production, supporting materials, technical equipment, construction, and circulation, as well as scientific research, design, and teaching units. A non-profit national social organization with legal personality.Implement the scientific concept of development, vigorously promote energy saving and emission reduction, promote energy-saving buildings, improve the level of technical equipment, strengthen product quality management, improve product performance, and at the same time pay attention to the research of application technology, solve problems in application, continue to expand the scope of application, promote The air-entrained concrete industry is developing well and fast.(office)

The picture shows the membership certificate of AAC

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