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Optimize the organization, strengthen training and learning, and plan for the orderly development of the Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Amoeba business project
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Optimize the organization, strengthen training and learning, and plan for the orderly development of the Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Amoeba business project

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      On the June , the company's Amoeba Project Promotion Committee held the first training and study meeting of the Amoeba business project consultation.1112afternoon of The company's department-level and above management personnel participate in the meeting and study.Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the company, delivered a speech.General Manager Ye Feng presided over the meeting and group learning activities.

      At the meeting, General Manager Ye announced the adjustment of the company's organizational structure and the appointment of managers according to the needs of Amoeba's business project consulting.The chairman of the company Duan made a keynote speech.Continue to focus on video learning of the business knowledge of Amoeba.

      At the opening ceremony of the first intensive study, Chairman Duan briefly put forward his opinions and requirements on the orderly advancement of the second development of the company, the main ideas and measures for the management improvement year, and the promotion of various project plans.

      The optimization and adjustment of the organizational structure is an important step and organizational guarantee for the introduction of the Amoeba business model.The company further improves the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, and is committed to the flattening of the management mechanism, which is an important prerequisite for quantitative decentralization, independent accounting, successful employees, and a strong enterprise.Subdivided departments are set up, and the management level of technology, production and other departments is more direct; the adjustment of deputies is made, and the job responsibilities are more clear.It will effectively avoid multi-head management, prevarication, inefficiency, and ambiguous rights and responsibilities.It lays the foundation for the operation of points, calculation and awards for amoeba, and better mobilizes the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in the operation, be efficient, and altruistic and win-win.

      Chairman Duan further pointed out that under the new external situation this year, the company is based on increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, focusing on long-term and steady development, focusing on the improvement of basic management equipment and facilities, technological innovation, market development, tapping potential and increasing profits, in the improvement of management software system, business model transformation, Huge investment in equity incentive plan financing and other aspects.This is an important strategic implementation for the company to increase income and develop high-quality.

      The company's newly adjusted organization and department team must consolidate and raise awareness, boost their spirits, take the initiative to take responsibility, and fully invest.We started to introduce Kingdee "Cloud Star" software management system in the whole business process. The main leaders of each department must think forward, high-level structure, fine layout, careful distribution, and jointly ensure the advanced, scientific, convenient and efficient of the system. operability.It is necessary to overcome difficulties, strengthen learning, introduce and promote the Amoeba business model consulting project in an orderly manner, carry out internal equity incentive project consulting, and simultaneously implement hardware project construction such as warehouse management, workshop renovation, and site improvement to ensure project implementation and daily contract execution, The performance of the contract is correct and double promotion, which provides a strong impetus for the realization of the company's overall planning goals, as well as the production and sales services of large-tonnage, high-parameter, low-emission series products.

       At the conclusion of the meeting, General Manager Ye emphasized that the introduction of the Amoeba business model should continue to increase publicity efforts and be committed to the in-depth participation of all employees of the enterprise. All departments must fully understand, take responsibilities, play down the concept of rest, and promote the quality of reporting mayors. Rewards the work spirit of working overtime, overcoming difficulties, investing at a practical and necessary cost, ensuring the implementation of the project plan, and striving for better effectiveness and performance.

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