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Members of Xuzhou Machinery Industry Association came to our company to discuss the development plan
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Members of Xuzhou Machinery Industry Association came to our company to discuss the development plan

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    On July 27th, on the first anniversary of the establishment of Xuzhou Machinery Industry Association, the principals of Xuzhou Economic and Information Commission and Xuzhou Machinery Industry Association member companies came to our company to carry out the association anniversary activities, reported the business status of the enterprise, and analyzed the economic situation of the industry. , to discuss the development plan of holding a group for heating and breaking the crisis.Xu Tianning, deputy director of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, An Jiwen, chairman of the Municipal Machinery Industry Association, chairman of Huaihai Group, and Duan Xuqiang, chairman of our company, attended the event.

    In the afternoon, the leaders of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission and members of the participating associations visited the production, office and living areas of our company, and held a symposium in the conference room on the second floor.Around the current macroeconomic situation, the production and operation status of their respective companies and their future development plans, Chairman An, Chairman Duan of our company, Rongchang Glass, Yunyi Electric, Handler and other corporate executives spoke freely.Everyone agrees that, due to the government, banks, enterprises, and society in recent years, the development speed of market supply is not proportional to the development speed of market demand. Problems such as underemployment.The situation of the city's machinery industry is showing a clear downward trend, and some enterprises are facing survival problems.

    Chairman Duan introduced our company's measures to resolve the macroeconomic situation and the general pressure of the industry.Deepen the reform of labor employment and business model, improve the strategic decision-making of large-scale boiler products, increase equipment investment, improve the level of automated production, pay attention to the introduction of high-end talents, rely on the company's own technology research and development strength, and accelerate the pace of independent innovation, so that the company can maintain steady development. , the main operating indicators remained the same year-on-year. At the same time, it reported the actual situation that due to the constraints of the industry situation, the delayed delivery of goods by customers, and the suspension of contract performance for some reasons, the inventory increased slightly compared with last year, and the arrival of the industry peak season was delayed.

    The participants believed that in view of the difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises in the current machinery industry in the development, it was suggested that the government should focus on alleviating corporate financing and fiscal and taxation assistance, and urge relevant departments such as finance and taxation to implement various measures in detail. In addition to supporting policies for enterprises, based on the actual situation, we will speed up the formulation and introduction of practical measures to help small and medium-sized enterprises increase their structural adjustment and steadily achieve transformation and upgrading.

    Seek supportive policies and create a good and relaxed development environment.Government departments at all levels increase support for enterprises, fundamentally create a good development environment for enterprises, and cultivate new growth points.Give full play to the role of policy orientation and regulation, and the short-term emergency measures focus on relieving pressure, eliminating difficulties, and helping enterprises; long-term development policies are based on loosening, feeding, and relaxing tendons to promote enterpriseization Crisis turns into opportunity and grows steadily.Reduce the tax burden of enterprises and ease the cost pressure of enterprises.At the same time, promote enterprises to carry out structural transformation and independent innovation.Based on encouraging enterprises to upgrade their industrial structure, scientific and technological innovation and brand building, increase the technological innovation funds and technological expenses of enterprises in proportion to the growth of fiscal revenue, and focus on growing enterprises and enterprises with advantageous projects.

    This association activity believes that under the current predicament, to develop machinery manufacturing enterprises, they must strengthen their confidence, invigorate their spirits, and strengthen their own reforms and innovations.Private machinery enterprises in the city should form a group to keep warm, support each other, avoid duplication of investment, reduce vicious competition, and provide mutual care and support in terms of product collaboration, capital, and payment.(office)


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