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"Love Package"Help to re-educate the long-distance running Jiangsu Sifang Boiler to donate to school "Marathon"Love the new school year
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"Love Package"Help to re-educate the long-distance running Jiangsu Sifang Boiler to donate to school "Marathon"Love the new school year

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      On August 31, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Sifang Boiler) 2018 Golden Autumn Donation and Funding Activities Ceremony was held at the Sifang Boiler headquarters as scheduled.On the same day, Sifang Boiler contributed funds, and General Manager Ye Feng provided 3,000 yuan each to 9 poor students or parent representatives from other villages including Wu Qiannan from Sujia Village, Liuxin Town, Tongshan District.
      "Love Package"Leading the way to help students.This year is the 22nd year that Sifang Boiler was initiated by Chairman Duan Xuqiang at the beginning of its establishment and has been donating to education and caring for it.
      A few days ago, Sifang Boiler also donated 20,000 yuan to the Jiangsu Youth Development Foundation; within the company, as usual, grants were awarded to the children of employees who were admitted to college this year.

      At the donation ceremony, the heads of the party committee, government, youth league committee, trade union and customs work committee of Liuxin Town, the general manager of Sifang Boiler, the secretary of the party group, and representatives of the assisted students and parents gathered together.Wang Xinyue, Secretary of the Town Youth League Committee, briefly introduced the process and basic situation of the assisted students.Sujiacun Wu Qiannan, who was admitted to Jiangsu Normal University this year, gave a speech on behalf of the assisted students; Wang Bei, the deputy mayor, made a warm speech; Ye Feng, general manager of Sifang Boiler, raised ardent expectations to the assisted students, and awarded the assisted students and representatives bursary.

      Wu Qiannan, representative of the freshmen of the assisted poor colleges, delivered a speech.She is very grateful to Sifang Boiler for its enthusiastic support, the care of leaders at all levels and the love of entrepreneurs, and she said that she will study hard, redouble her efforts in the upcoming university life, and repay the love of her hometown parents with excellent results.

Comrade Wang Bei, Deputy Mayor of Liuxin Town Government, made a warm speech
      She said that since the establishment of Sifang Boiler, it has worked hard to start a business, innovate and develop, and actively repay the society. For 20 years, it has been caring for students and helping the poor and needy. business card.She said that youth is for struggle, and happiness comes from struggle. The assisted students and their families should be grateful, forge ahead, strengthen their confidence, and be full of hope. I hope that the assisted college students will have high aspirations and cherish them with practical actions. Love, spread love, study hard, be determined to become a talent, and strive to become a useful talent for the country and society as soon as possible.

      Ye Feng, general manager of Sifang Boiler, firstly thanked the party committee and government for their care and support for the Sifang Boiler project to help students and help the poor.He briefly briefed the industrial development of Sifang Boiler, the culture and mission of responsibility, combined with the actual situation of enterprise marketing management, and put forward two hopes to the assisted students: First, pay attention to the unity of knowledge and action, look at the big society, and accumulate real skills.To be a person beforehand, integrity is the foundation, the foundation, and the "stepping stone" of interpersonal communication. Only with determination and experience can you win trust with sincerity, and move towards talent and success.The second is to be grateful for love, integrate into kindness, and pass it on from generation to generation.I hope that in the future study and life, all students will cherish the present, cherish the love, and use today's ceremony as the driving force to be confident, self-reliant, self-improving, pay attention to self-imposed pressure, and lay a solid foundation for their own beautiful life. Love and kindness carry forward, feed back the society, and fill the world.

      Mr. Ye said that since the development of Sifang Boiler, it has always paid attention to social responsibility and actively committed to feedback and dedication.Chairman Duan practiced, led the corporate team, led the "marathon" with love to help students, help the needy and help the needy, with this simple love as the driving force, practice dedication, spread dedication, lead through actions, boost the whole world Society is full of love.

       I hope that the sponsored students can remember the love and kindness of all walks of life in the society, turn gratitude into the ambition to become a talent, change the heart of repayment into the source of strength, study hard, work hard, and become useful talents for the country as soon as possible. Hometown contribution.Welcome students who are interested in the development of Sifang Boiler and the pursuit of value embodiment to return from their studies at an early date!

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