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Love 11: Jiangsu Sifang Boiler celebrates the monthly collective birthday of some employees "Oli to"!
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Love 11: Jiangsu Sifang Boiler celebrates the monthly collective birthday of some employees "Oli to"!

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Midwinter is cold, and "Quartet" is warm.November 25 is an auspicious day for all employees of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler to celebrate their birthdays in the same month as usual.

In the lobby on the first floor of the company's catering center, the birthday-themed background walls set monthly are colorful.The colorful balls are light, the cakes are refined, the drinks are rich, and the smiling faces are full of festive festive atmosphere.

At about 11:25 at noon, 38 employees from various centers and departments of the company "Shou Xing" took their seats in turn, chatting and laughing, looking forward to the simple and sincere ceremony.

General Manager Ye Feng raised his glass, on behalf of the company, he warmly congratulated everyone on a happy birthday, and sincerely wished everyone a happy and young year.

Xiao Liang and Lu Yanfang, the company's amoeba business consulting team, came to the staff's collective birthday celebration.Highly affirmed the inheritance, implementation and development of Sifang Boiler's "family culture" and "friend culture", and warmly sent sincere and beautiful blessings.

Fang Cong from the company's general office, whose birthday coincides with the company's collective birthday.I was fortunate to be the representative of "Shou Xing". After cutting the cake with General Manager Ye Feng, he blew out the candles and made good wishes with you.

With warm applause, the birthday song lingered in the audience.At this moment, we raise our glasses together, arms like forests, taste the cakes, feel the warmth, wash away the fatigue, and regenerate the resonance and synergy of taking the factory as home and loving the factory as home!

This birthday party still left the company's high attention and cordial care, human resources and other departments carefully prepared, enthusiastic, dedicated and busy.These sources and motivations will continue to be engraved with more and more beautiful chapters on the birthday wall of the Sifang Boiler family with the extension of the month.

The next one, the "birthday stars" in December, are you ready?!

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