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Looking back on 2019, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler is famous
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Looking back on 2019, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler is famous

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 Technical Design Team Contribution Award

      They have persistence and dedication to product technical design; they cherish and respect product sales orders; they are effectively implementing the company's technical design strategy. In 2019, under the downward pressure on the oil and gas boiler product market, they fought together to seize the breakthrough in the waste heat boiler product market, and they fought hard to be the first, and achieved remarkable results: the sales volume of the designed oil and gas furnace accounted for more than half; the szs series products were launched. Zero breakthrough in boilers; waste heat boilers have expanded the product market of the company's products in the coal coking industry!

Technological Innovation Project Award

      With favorable policies and market pull, autoclave products will be in short supply in 2019.The processing quality of the inner teeth of the kettle body flange is very important. Flame cutting has more harm than good, and mechanical processing is imperative. Is it high-priced procurement or innovative manufacturing? Under the clear instructions of the company's leaders, the technical process, electrical and production equipment processing worked together to overcome many difficulties. The two horizontal autoclave flange internal gear processing and milling machines were successfully operated, saving nearly one million yuan compared with outsourcing! They are the innovative team that successfully developed the autoclave flange internal gear milling machine.

advanced team

       This is a group of advanced collectives who are united and cooperative and have the courage to compete for the first place: they help each other, are good at learning, devote themselves to research, have the courage to innovate, and strive to do better team management; they lock in their goals, refine their execution, and focus on the six basic management. The management of the team has achieved outstanding results and won the unanimous approval of everyone;  they strictly abide by the rules, dare to take responsibility, pursue high standards and strict requirements in their work, and complete the planned tasks well ; The enterprise breathes and grows together; they are the precious wealth of Sifang Boiler and a force that is always dependable!

Advanced management worker

      In the management team of Sifang Boiler, there are such a group of outstanding leaders. They are the mainstay of the company's development. Dedication and outstanding achievements, in different positions, taking the lead in leading the team, cooperating in practice, and winning praise and praise from all over the company for their outstanding performance that is obvious to all.

Sales pacesetter

      You always focus on the high-quality transformation and development of the Quartet, take the market battle field, regard performance as dignity; take customers as God, there are ups and downs. You are the outstanding representatives of the sales branches that are determined to forge ahead, teamwork, elite development, you go through trials and hardships, and dare to be the first; you are the best interpreter of "Industry Jingzhiyuan", you are the best among many employees They are the new force for the development and growth of the enterprise. In the sales arena, you are strong-willed, facing difficulties, striving to be the first, and standing at the forefront of the tide, showing your own style in the forefront of marketing, and creating pride in the battle of the market. people's performance. You prove to the team with solid sales data that you are a well-deserved sales elite!

Excellent welder

      Keep improving, you use the spirit of craftsmen to sing the labor hymn of "our workers have strength"; ingenuity builds dreams, you use arc light to build a four-sided giant ship with its head held high. The perfect combination of superb craftsmanship and outstanding morality makes your hard work and sweat condense into shining gold medals. You are the annual vanguard of enterprise product transformation, quality improvement and reputation!

Advanced (Production) Workers

      They regard work and daily work as a sacred mission, and regard excellent options as their commitment to pursuit. Even the most ordinary positions can show the value of life and the power of dedication with the highest standards. They care about the Quartet, are dedicated to their work, and are willing to contribute. They have proved with practical actions that gold shines wherever they go. They are the precious wealth and beautiful image of the development of the Quartet's cause.Salute, the annual advanced producer, advanced worker!

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