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Liu Guangmin, mayor of Tongshan District, came to our company to inspect and guide the work
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Liu Guangmin, mayor of Tongshan District, came to our company to inspect and guide the work

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    10On the 3morning of the first day of the month, Liu Guangmin, the mayor of 4Tongshan District, Xuzhou City, and his party came to our company to express their condolences to the employees who insist on producing during the festival.Wang Xingguo, Secretary of the Party Committee of Liuxin Town, and Liang Shilong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and mayor of the town, accompanied them to condolences, inspected and guided the work.Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the company, and Luo Yu, secretary of the party branch, received and reported the work.

    Chairman Duan briefly reported that the company adheres to the policy of revitalizing the enterprise with science and technology, innovation and improvement, pays attention to the introduction of talents, increases investment in technology research and development year after year, and continuously strengthens the construction of research and development teams. Based on the optimization and adjustment of product structure and the promotion of large-scale general contracting projects, the promotion The main situation of the company's development against the trend and the courage to compete for the first place, and a brief report on the company's next step of scale operation and steady promotion of the listing plan.

    Accompanied by Chairman Duan, Mayor Liu first came to the construction site of the heavy steel workshop of the company's steam drum production line, and inquired in detail about the scale, construction period, main target products and benefits, and market feasibility forecast of the project under construction.Afterwards, Mayor Liu went deep into the boiler workshop, container workshop, pipe workshop, etc. He inspected the main materials, inspected the products, stopped at the camera, walked and looked at it, and asked while looking at the company overview, leading products, technical points, and quality control. , target customers, safety production and comprehensive benefits have been in-depth exchanges.

 Seeing that the production site is in full swing during the festival, Mayor Liu and his party leaders are very happy: under the current situation of the sluggish environment and the general under-operation of the manufacturing industry, Sifang Boiler relies on product structure adjustment, technological innovation and improvement and comprehensive supporting services to win the market. Prosperity in production and sales is really not easy.

    Mayor Liu fully affirmed the company 's development achievements and social contributions in recent years.Encourage enterprises to earnestly grasp and make good use of opportunities, continue to increase technological research and development, and innovation, and on the premise of ensuring product quality, continue to promote large-scale products, technological content, and high added value, and continuously optimize and improve the comprehensive service level of products. Win by quality, stand by faith, and continue to speed up the pace of enterprise becoming bigger and stronger.

    Mayor Liu also learned about the situation and put forward guiding opinions on the reform of the enterprise's shareholding system, the promotion of the listing plan process, and the importance and practical strengthening of safety production.

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