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Leaders of Xuzhou Market Supervision Administration visited Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Company for investigation
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Leaders of Xuzhou Market Supervision Administration visited Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Company for investigation

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      On the morning of May 28, Xuzhou Market Supervision Bureau Party Secretary and Director Wu Defa and Deputy Director Kong Xiangning led a team to Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd.Persons in charge of the Office of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Intellectual Property Development Promotion Office, the Special Office, the Publicity Office, the Measurement Office, the Quality Supervision Office, the Standardization Office, and the Quality Development Office participated in the survey.Gao Nianzhi, Deputy Mayor of Tongshan District, the District Market Supervision Bureau, and the principals of the Party Committee and People's Congress of Liuxin Town accompanied the investigation.Duan Xuqiang, chairman of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler, introduced the main situation of the company. 

      Director Wu Defa and his party first came to the production department of Sifang Boiler Company, visited the heavy steam drum workshop, industrial boiler workshop, pressure vessel workshop, and pipe workshop in turn, then visited the company's technology research and development center and held a symposium.

      At the symposium, Director Wu Defa first congratulated Jiangsu Sifang Boiler for winning the Nomination Award of Xuzhou Mayor Quality Award, and proposed that this survey should focus on serving enterprises, listening to the problems and demands of enterprises, and organizing the heads of various offices of the bureau to communicate face-to-face with enterprises. The main task of jointly promoting the high-quality development of enterprises.

      Duan Xuqiang, chairman of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Company, thanked the Municipal Bureau and leaders at all levels for their long-term care and support, briefly introduced the basic situation of the company, and focused on the company's continuous increase in R&D and innovation investment, and the successful transformation of products. Committed to high-quality development, comprehensive Strength before entering the national boiler industry, 15etc.Under the current new macroeconomic situation, Sifang Boiler closely follows the guidance of national policies, clearly proposes a strategic plan for secondary development, and starts to introduce Kingdee "Cloud Star" software management system throughout the business process, and introduces the business model consulting project of Amoeba. Carry out consultation on internal equity incentive projects, and simultaneously implement the construction of hardware projects such as warehouse management, workshop renovation, and site improvement, to provide strong impetus for the production and sales of large-tonnage, high-parameter, low-emission series of competitive products.At the meeting, based on the current situation of the company, he mainly proposed activities such as helping the sprint mayor's quality award, strengthening the company's total quality management ( QC ) and other activities, helping companies to learn and understand in a timely manner, docking and implementing relevant industry support policies, as well as brand promotion, intellectual property rights protection and other wishes and demands.

      Deputy District Mayor Gao Nianzhi affirmed the excellent achievements and social contributions of Sifang Boiler's entrepreneurial innovation and rolling development.Thanks to the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau for its continuous concern and support.Dian Zan won the Nomination Award of the Mayor Quality Award, the brand building, cultural construction and social responsibility of the company.Emphasize that the core work of on-site management, safe production, and quality improvement is endless.The district market supervision bureau and local government departments are required to further increase services and support, help Sifang Boiler continue to promote research and development innovation, and speed up the pace of high-quality development.

      Focusing on the docking of policies and projects for innovation and evaluation, intellectual property protection, special equipment safety management, quality management training, brand building, measurement and standardization management, etc., Sun Guangsheng, director of the special division of the Municipal Bureau, and other heads of the various offices attended the meeting respectively. specific exchanges.Deputy Director Kong Xiangning asked the heads of all offices to further strengthen the service connection of Sifang boilers, and to provide follow-up services in the cultivation of enterprise projects, well-known trademarks and brands, quality management training, and safety production supervision and guidance, so as to boost the stability of Sifang boilers. Entered the ranks of advanced enterprises in the national boiler industry.

      Before the end of the symposium, Director Wu Defa first congratulated Sifang Boiler 20for its brilliant achievements in years of development and its historic breakthrough in winning the Mayor Quality Award Nomination Award.He briefly briefed on the main situation that the Municipal Bureau has been based on service and supervision since last year, and promoted supervision through service, so as to manage and improve the service level.The heads of all offices of the bureau are required to grasp the service functions and purposes, pay attention to on-site services, actively connect with policy guidance, help enterprises overcome difficulties, practice internal strength, and build the core competitiveness of enterprises.

      Director Wu Defa hopes that Sifang Boiler will take this opportunity to further improve the overall quality level and development quality under the service, supervision and guidance of the district bureau and other departments.It is necessary to further strengthen the main responsibility of the enterprise, pay close attention to on-site management, tap the internal potential, consolidate safe production, improve the level of information management, strive to build an evergreen tree in the boiler industry, and make new and greater contributions to the city's economic and social development.

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