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Knowledge of industrial boilers
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Knowledge of industrial boilers

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       With the rapid development of society and economy, industrial boiler equipment plays an important role in many large industrial boiler plants. Its product characteristics are relatively obvious, mainly including power generation or gas supply, such as steam boilers that can be vaporized by steam in fertilizer plants, and One is the coal-fired boiler equipment, which is mostly coal-fired, and the gas-fired waste heat boiler is generally used to recover waste heat.So, do you know what are the characteristics of industrial boilers?How to maintain and maintain it?
       You will find that the characteristics of industrial boilers are more obvious. If it is a steam boiler, its evaporation capacity is expressed in t/h. You can also choose a hot water boiler, and the rated thermal power of the boiler is used to indicate its capacity, and the unit is MV.Also pay attention to the temperature, because on the steam boiler, it is only necessary to indicate the steam pressure, and the boiler with superheated steam must indicate the steam temperature at the outlet of the steam superheater.
       Generally speaking, industrial boilers have a wide range of applications, and they must be maintained after a period of use. First, pay attention to regular cleaning, open the burner door, remove the rear shell panel, and unscrew the screws of the cleaning port on the rear side of the boiler. Use a wire brush to clean the gas pipeline, and a soft brush to clean the combustion chamber. Pay attention to cleaning the residue in the boiler, and also pay attention to closing the burner door and check whether the sealing ring is complete.
       You should have a clear understanding of the characteristics and maintenance of industrial boilers, right?Industrial boilers are easy to use, and there are a variety of specifications and models for you to choose from. At the same time, we need to understand their maintenance knowledge.When the whole boiler is installed, it is necessary to take protective measures in time. The boiler room is outdoors, and the indoor temperature can be lowered to 15°C or 18°C, so that the boiler can run all day long, and the sewage treatment of the boiler is also very important. Blowdown at the bottom of the boiler can prevent the condensation of flue gas, and more attention should be paid to the maintenance of gas boilers and burners.

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