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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler won the commendation of the advanced unit of labor union work
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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler won the commendation of the advanced unit of labor union work

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The 10th Congress of Tongshan District Trade Union was held solemnly.
Jiangsu Sifang Boiler was awarded as an advanced unit of trade union work
. Comrade Ma Shiqing was elected as a member of the 10th Tongshan District Trade Union Committee.

       On September 20, the 10th Trade Union Congress was held in Tongshan District, Xuzhou City. Nearly 300 representatives from all fronts in the region attended the Congress.The main leaders of the district party committee, district people's congress, district government, district CPPCC, and district trade union attended the meeting, and the meeting was chaired by Comrade Sun Xiaohong, chairman of the district trade union.Comrade Shu Zhiming, Chairman of Xuzhou Federation of Trade Unions, and Wang Weifeng, Secretary of the District Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered important speeches.The conference reviewed and summarized the work of the eight years since the Ninth National Congress of the District Trade Union, and elected the tenth District Trade Union Committee, Economic Review Committee and Women Staff Committee.The conference commended the advanced units of trade union work, outstanding trade union workers and trade union work activists that have emerged in the district since the Ninth National Congress of the District Trade Union.

Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of advanced unit for labor union work

      The winner of the first "Tongshan Craftsman" and "Jiangsu Province May 1st Labor Medal" - Comrade Ma Shiqing, director of our company's heavy-duty steam drum workshop, as a basic enterprise technical expert and an example of a craftsman spirit practitioner, was elected as the first district trade union. The tenth National Committee members took their seats on the rostrum of the conference.Comrade Ma Shiqing, as the representative of the first "Tongshan Craftsman", the deeds of Tongshan Craftsmen have been fully affirmed by Secretary Wang Weifeng of the District Party Committee and Chairman Sun Xiaohong of the District Trade Union.All employees on all fronts in the region are required to take the advanced as an example, further carry forward the spirit of craftsmen's meticulous craftsmanship, excellence, and perfection of their products, and vigorously promote the craftsman's creative spirit of pursuing excellence, quality spirit of excellence, and customer first. The spirit of service, strive to create the best quality products in the industry, and better demonstrate the value pursuit and spiritual outlook of the on-the-job employees in the new era who are committed to excellence, dedication and dedication.

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