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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler's "Lean 6S Site Management Consulting Project" was officially launched
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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler's "Lean 6S Site Management Consulting Project" was officially launched

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       On the January 1st , Jiangsu Sifang Boiler's "Lean 15afternoon of 6S On-site Management Consulting Project" project launch mobilization 301meeting was grandly held in the conference room of the company's comprehensive building.The main leaders and some key management personnel from the company's production, technology, supply, quality management and enterprise management departments attended the meeting. The consulting team of Shanghai Spot Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and the general manager of the company, Ye Feng, attended the launching ceremony.Ren Lei, Minister of Human Resources and Enterprise Management, presided over the launching ceremony.

       General Manager Ye first emphasized three points.The first is this lean 6S management, which is the need for enterprises to accelerate development and standardize improvement.the active evidence collection of It can achieve multiple results immediately, and it will benefit for a long time.The focus is on improving people's literacy by changing the behavioral habits of all employees of the enterprise; by changing the environment, all employees of the enterprise can benefit physically and mentally, and the overall image of the enterprise will be improved, which will benefit individuals, enterprises and families in the long run.

      The second is to unify our minds, make up our minds, and never give up until we reach our goals.Only find solutions for problems, not excuses for difficulties.All the participants and personnel of various departments should clarify their responsibilities, identify their own positions, identify differences according to the standards, and act vigorously and resolutely to ensure the smooth progress of the two stages of work.

      The third is to seize favorable opportunities and focus on promoting efficiency.At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the production pressure has been relaxed, but various work plans must be pushed forward to ensure implementation.It is necessary to give full play to the energetic and aggressive advantages of the young management backbone team, and take the initiative to cut into the implementation of plans in various model areas; to introduce reward and punishment incentive mechanisms, vigorously carry out rationalization suggestion activities, and jointly promote the smooth realization of the goals of lean 6S management at all stages. On the one hand, standardization, normalization and normalization have been further promoted.

     Mr. Chen from the consulting team of Shanghai Spot Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. briefly briefed the 6S management, and shared the work plan of lean 6S management. situation, market needs, development needs, improvement needs, and improvement of enterprise development and family life quality for implementing lean needs, emphasizing the important practical significance and far-reaching historical significance of this work.

      He requires that all staff should be guided by the work of the model area, take the initiative to start from themselves, encourage everyone to actively submit reasonable suggestions, and implement lean 6S management in combination with their own work; the instructor will lead everyone to rush forward together, and encounter difficulties. , don't make excuses, just find ways, insist, persist and persist, and don't give up until the goal is achieved."Do you have confidence?", "Yes!" The participants answered in unison and made a resounding answer.

      At the launching ceremony that day, Hao Changcheng, director of the pipe workshop, and Ma Shiqing, the director of the heavy steam drum workshop, made on-site speeches; Director Ye took the oath and Minister Ren took the oath, and 6the person in charge of the large model area read the oath.After the meeting, attend the launching ceremony

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