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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler's "Lean 6S Management" special training sounded the management improvement assembly number
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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler's "Lean 6S Management" special training sounded the management improvement assembly number

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        On the morning of January 16, the special training of "Lean 6S Site Management" of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler started as scheduled.Project promotion team members, all management personnel of the company, team leaders, etc. attended the lecture.This is one of a series of intensively planned work following the launch ceremony of the Lean 6S project the day before yesterday.

      In the course of more than 2 hours of teaching, Mr. Chen Hesheng from Shanghai Spot Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. focused on the theme of "Lean 6S Site Management", combined with classic cases and the actual situation of the enterprise, with pictures and texts, and explained the history of Lean 6S management theory in simple language. The evolution, development background and situation needs, explain the rich connotation of "sorting, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety" 6S management, and put forward the key points, skills, effects and benefits of implementing lean 6S management.

      Mr. Chen briefly reported the implementation planning and promotion steps of lean 6S management.The overall plan implementation period is 8 months, divided into five phases.After the project is launched, the planning, implementation and on-site upgrading tasks of the six model areas divided must be fully completed in February.On this basis, we will make comprehensive progress, complete the sorting in May, continue to establish system standards, implement inspection and assessment, and improve the standardized, standardized, and normalized lean 6S management mechanism, long-term implementation, and continuous advancement.

      Before the training ended, General Manager Ye Feng once again emphasized the necessity, urgency and importance of implementing lean 6S management.He demanded that the company must attach great importance to it, have a unified understanding, and make up its mind to ensure the realization of the planned goals.
      In the new year, under the pressure of industry and market competition, all employees of the company must earnestly strengthen the awareness of crisis, and must take the initiative to attack, otherwise they will sit still.To promote 6S management, the company's management must maintain a high degree of consistency in understanding, and there must be no wait-and-see and swing, and must unite and lead all employees to actively participate, step by step, and ensure the implementation of the promotion plan at each stage.
      President Ye emphasized that it is necessary to resolutely maintain the seriousness of the system, strictly implement the plans and system requirements for special conference affairs, special work and promotion activities, and implement reward and punishment measures in a timely manner to ensure the smooth progress of lean 6S management work and achieve the expected improvement level.

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