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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler grandly held the appointment ceremony of Amoeba's manager
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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler grandly held the appointment ceremony of Amoeba's manager

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      6On the 29morning of the first day of the month, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler held a grand appointment ceremony for the head of Amoeba.Department-level and above managers from the company's marketing, technology, manufacturing, engineering, quality, financial management center and other departments participated in the ceremony.Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the company, Ye Feng, general manager, Xiao Liang and Wu Huayong, the project consultants, participated in the event.Hu Xiaoqing, Secretary General of the Company's Project Promotion Committee, presided over the ceremony.

A corner of the venue

A corner of the venue

Chairman Duan respectively issued certificates to the first-level Amoeba leaders of the Marketing, Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, Financial Management Center and the Ministry of Human Resources and Enterprise, and took a group photo one by one.

Witnessed by the project consultant teachers, the first-level leaders or representatives of each center and department accepted the appointment, signed inspirational letters, and took photos with the chairman and general manager.

      Under the supervision of Chairman Duan Xuqiang, the first-level leader (representative) solemnly swore to uphold the core values ​​of Sifang Boiler, take the realization of the company's business strategy as the goal, practice the Amoeba business model, and actively carry out various business activities of Amoeba. Unite all departments, tolerate and coordinate with each other, strengthen internal and external cooperation, abide by the law, be diligent and dedicated, be honest and self-disciplined, be brave in innovation, create value with wisdom and sweat, take responsibility for the heart, act in action, and make efforts for everyone to become an operator. No less than anyone's effort!

Chairman Duan Xuqiang took the oath and solemnly took the oath

      "Shangshan is like water conservancy and all things, the right time and place are favorable for people's hearts and people, and the century-old plan is in the Quartet!" The first-level Bachang Financial Management Center Jiang Hong and others made speeches respectively.

      Chairman Duan delivered an impromptu speech.Congratulations: the first- and second-level Ba Chang has been honorably hired, and he has started a new mission; thanks: on the one hand, the project consultant teacher's careful guidance and effective promotion, on the other hand, the company's centers and departments responded positively and participated enthusiastically. Good progress and practical results; hope: the appointed Ba leaders at all levels will further cherish the trust and platform, improve their understanding, deeply study and practice the Amoeba business philosophy, unite and lead all members of the Amoeba organization, improve their spirit, strengthen Sense of mission, enhance sense of responsibility, be a good operator, and make progress towards the established goal of the company's second entrepreneurship and high-quality development!

     General Manager Ye Feng emphasized the requirement in his concluding speech: to "believe in the power of belief".All employees of the company should further unify and improve their understanding of the opportunity period, urgency and importance of the introduction of the Amoeba business model.Combining with the actual production and operation activities of the enterprise, the leaders at all levels must deeply understand the philosophy of Kazuo Inamori "There is a huge power hidden in pure and noble thoughts", actively respond to the call of the project promotion plan, study hard, and pay attention to practice. The spirit of Amoeba's management philosophy, continue to promote the effective implementation, and constantly improve the mechanism and efficiency of the independent operation, division, calculation, and reward management of the company, and make due contributions to the early realization of the established goals of the company's secondary development.

      Secretary-General Hu Xiaoqing, who presided over the ceremony, expressed his joy beyond words.She thanked the company leaders and consultants for their care, trust, guidance and support, and expressed her determination and confidence to take responsibility and be proactive in the introduction of the Amoeba business model project.According to the requirements of the project promotion plan, it will be carefully organized, focus on quality and efficiency, and make due efforts for the smooth introduction of the Amoeba business model.

      "Good! Very good! 'Sifang' is getting better and better! Yay!" A sonorous and powerful slogan resounded through the ceremony site.From the beginning of the 7month 1, Sifang Boiler will officially open a new chapter in the operation of Amoeba.Bar chiefs at all levels took office and galloped with the whip.The beautiful hope turned into a powerful arm and a loud voice, expressing the determination and confidence of the Amoeba management team to seize the opportunity, forge ahead, dare to compete for the first, and aim to win.

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