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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler for Xinjiang Hesheng Electric Co., Ltd. 2X260t/h high-pressure drum was successfully delivered
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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler for Xinjiang Hesheng Electric Co., Ltd. 2X260t/h high-pressure drum was successfully delivered

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New workshop, new equipment, new process
Jiangsu Sifang Boiler for Xinjiang Hesheng Electric Industry 2X260t/h High Pressure Drum
perfect delivery

       On November 10th, the 2X260t/h boiler high-pressure drum signed by our company and Xinjiang Hesheng Electric Co., Ltd. was off the assembly line as scheduled, and the whole package was shipped.This is one of the key projects completed by our company after the adjustment and relocation of the production workshop, using new equipment, new technology and new technology, and further optimizing the production management process.On the afternoon of the same day, the company convened personnel from production, technology, quality control and other departments to conduct on-site observations and discussions, sum up experience and affirm results, so as to inspire all employees to continue to promote the comprehensive manufacturing level of various large-scale and key contract projects.

      At the on-site symposium, Chairman Duan Xuqiang made an important speech.He fully affirmed the important role of the company's production workshop planning and layout adjustment and the new heavy-duty steam drum workshop being put into operation to meet market demand and accelerate enterprise development.  

       Duan Dong pointed out that in the implementation of the contract project with Hesheng Electric Industry, new equipment was invested, new technology was adopted, and the scientific connection of each process flow was optimized. The smooth progress of the project plan laid an important foundation for subsequent production.Duan Dong hopes that everyone will take this opportunity to make persistent efforts to speed up the follow-up progress of the entire project and ensure the early and successful performance of all key contract projects this year.

     Zhang Eying, the executive deputy general manager, first briefly reviewed the main situation of the project's drum production.He said that the manufacturing of the 2X260t/h boiler high-pressure drum with Hesheng Electric this time highlighted several highlights: first, the layout of the new workshop is more scientific and reasonable, which is conducive to the standardized connection of various processes; second, the investment in manufacturing In terms of equipment, the company has used the first four-roll plate rolling machine with a thickness of 120MM for cold coil and 180MM for hot coil in the same industry in the country; and then adopts new technology and new technology to ensure nearly 100% of the first pass rate of flaw detection.At the same time, from the company's material supply, technical support to production quality inspection and other departments and positions, they are anxious to meet the needs of customers and think what customers think, withstood the huge pressure of centralized delivery of contract orders in peak seasons, and overcome high temperature and rush work. In order to ensure the quality and construction period of drum production, we have accumulated new technical processes and management experience.

      General Manager Ye Feng, who presided over the on-site observation and discussion, hopes that everyone will use the successful delivery of the high-pressure boiler after the new workshop and new equipment are put into use as the driving force. Members, earnestly cherish and build the big platform of Sifang Boiler, the development of Sifang Boiler, the urgent desire of customers from all over the world, and the improvement of the quality of the enterprise team, and further promote the craftsman spirit of not afraid of difficulties, excellence, and daring to compete for the first place. Carry forward achievements, find deficiencies, and make new contributions to the early and successful completion of Hoshine Electric and other projects under construction.

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