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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler continues to innovate and invest to make sales hit a new high
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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler continues to innovate and invest to make sales hit a new high

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      Half of the time, half of the task, and sales are booming.In the past few days, good news from Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd. has been reported frequently: following the implementation of the boiler product contract project with Henan Shenhuo Power Generation Co., Ltd. SZS35-1.27/350-Y, and signed two SFG-80 units with China Energy Construction Group Heilongjiang Energy Construction Co., Ltd. /4.5/450-Q gas start-up boiler, signed a supply contract with Jiangsu Jiarui Chemical Co., Ltd. for 2 gas-fired steam boilers totaling 18.5 million yuan... Up to now, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd. has signed contracts with users all over the country. The number of high-parameter bulk boiler projects implemented has reached 50; the new high-efficiency automatic control autoclave products have been successful all the way, and the bulk orders of well-known enterprises such as Xinfa Group have grown in a blowout manner; the total sales of executed orders for each project has exceeded 350 million yuan.Under the pressure of the industry trend that is obvious to all this year, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler has accumulated many years of technological innovation to help sales rise against the trend, and the scenery here is beautiful.

      Take precautions and continue to re-invest in strong innovation .In recent years, Sifang Boiler has followed the national macroeconomic policy, grasped the market dynamics and industry trends through various paths such as organizing experts to plan, and comprehensively researched and judged to determine the transformation and upgrading of main products to large tonnage, high parameters, and low emissions. Development plan.The investment in product R&D and innovation has been more than 18 million yuan for consecutive years; it has continuously deepened the advantageous cooperation with Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xi'an Jiaotong University, is committed to the R&D and innovation of new products and new processes, and continues to promote new high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly fluidized bed boilers and other products. market.After years of accumulation and precipitation, the main products include gas boilers, fluidized bed boilers, pulverized coal boilers, corner tube boilers, municipal waste incineration boilers, hazardous waste waste heat boilers, non-ferrous metal waste heat utilization boilers, etc. new situation of demand.

      Improve the mechanism, multi-effects are more powerful technology.Give full play to the role of the engine of the enterprise technology R&D center, take the practical high-end R&D and innovation talents as the guide, take the building of a "high, precise and sharp" R&D team as the starting point, and vigorously promote the "project responsibility system" of technological research and development innovation. , Continuously improve and strengthen the whole-process monitoring and tracking system of design quality, implement the performance reward incentive method with no cap on project bonuses and multiple effects, create a good atmosphere of striving for excellence, and greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of technical designers. While the comprehensive income has risen, the overall strength of R&D and innovation has been tempered and improved, making the technical R&D team more capable, high-energy, and hard-core, thus becoming a strong support for the continuous expansion of the sales market. 

      Resource integration, both soft and hard, and strong manufacturing.In order to meet the market demand of leading products, Sifang Boiler, on the one hand, makes the site planning and layout more concentrated, reasonable and applicable through capacity replacement; on the other hand, it increases investment and improves the level of equipment manufacturing.The existing four production lines of steam drum, header, membrane wall and serpentine tube and three autoclave production lines have been continuously improved. Coupled with advanced manufacturing technology, the design and manufacturing capabilities of products below 480T/h ultra-high temperature and ultra-high pressure have been formed, and The design and manufacturing capabilities to meet the all-round needs of customers from all over the world for autoclave products have laid a solid foundation for the improvement of enterprise scale and high-quality development.
      "Three modernizations" progress together, on-site management is in depth .It integrates standardized, standardized and refined management. The normalization of the enterprise promotes lean 6S management, which continuously promotes the steady improvement of the comprehensive management level of the production site, and makes the production site management and enterprise look new. It has been well received by visiting customers from all over the world.The popularity of the company and the market recognition of the brand continue to rise.Since the beginning of this year, most of the multiple batches of product orders we have undertaken are "returning customers" and new owners who come here through word of mouth from old customers.
      At the turn of half a year, production and sales are in full swing.In Jiangsu Sifang Boiler, advanced technology, reliable quality, high-quality service and good reputation have inspired all employees of the company, and they are condensing and transforming them into new kinetic energy, sprinting towards the established goals of the year, and motivating the whole company. Members are making great progress on the road of high-quality development, making steady progress!

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